Once photography enters your bloodstream, it's like a disease

Happy Sunday!
I like the fact that we finally got back the extra hour that was taken from us back in March. I slept until 9 - but actually when calculating, I slept 1 extra hour, which feels great.
New day with new opportunities. I made some fresh bread this morning while watching Formula 1 from India. Did I mention that I always add raising and dark chocolate to my dough? It tastes so good. Unfortunately I might have to bake again later today, because husband likes it so much, he cannot stop eating :D

Anyway - the photo of today is from 2010. I visited a house that was an exact copy of a fisherman's house back in the 1940-ies and-50-ies. Very retro. I really like the kitchen. It's interesting when you consider that we nowadays wouldn't be able to cook anything without fancy, modern machines. ... not to mention the dishwasher! Who would survive without it?!? The stove is a semi-modern one though - but nevermind.


Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine

Hey! How are you?
It's really extradionary weather for the season. Still no sign of the snow, and apparently the fairly good weather will continue for the next couple of days. That makes an amateur photographers life so much easier, because I can go out and find motives, without having to put a lot of extra clothes on.
I took this picture yesterday in the late afternoon on my way home from work. I simply cannot resist the beauty of this tree and the lovely, pink sky.

Enjoy your evening!


When you have completed what you thought you had to do

Happy Sunday!
I hope you are enjoying as much as I do. Sundays are made for being lazy and relaxed. Yesterday I visited Emily and Fredrik. We had some cosy hours together, spending the time to talk, play with the cats, and Emily got her coaching moment with her mom, who's trying to figure out how to change the layout on my Danish langued blogg - making it a bit more like me. Sat up all evening fixing it, and I think it turned out quite okay. Though I'm still not fully satisfied, but will live with what I have at least this week.
We had cake - a yummi one filled with sweet cream and topped with fresh fruits and a chocolate bite.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice appears under your feet

A very good evening to you!
Days are getting shorter - and colder. Leaving the cosy home 7.30 am in the dark. Returning sometime after 6 pm in the dark. But even darkness offers opportunities to get some good photo shots.
This evening, while waiting for the freight train to pass, I got this shot

To me photographing is about being at the right place at the right time .... My shadow in the bottom of the picture proves that :P

Enjoy your evening!


A beautiful sight for sore eyes

Needs no further explanation. Just can't get enough of this beautiful sky


Photography helps people to see

Hope you're doing well.
I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple of days. Yesterday we celebrated husbands birthday, and I focused on giving him a good evening.
Found a book for him to read - Umberto Eco's 'Il cimitero di Praga'. I hope he will enjoy reading it. Apart from that, we had a nice dinner with some of his favorite dishes and warm, strong tea.
Yesterday the weather conditions were cold, rainy and windy. Today, just cold and windy. I really hope Captain Frost will stay off the premisses at least for the rest of this week, because Saturday, we'll be driving up North to visit Emily and Fredrik and celebrate husbands birthday together.

Here's a view over the lake with the blue mountains in the background.

Have a good evening!


A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

How are you doing on this bright, sunny Sunday?
Been out for a walk at the other side of the railway .... The area is condemned, but the lake nearby is a breathing hole in itself.

This used to be housing less fortunate people. Now only 1 or 2 people leave here. I think it's a pitty that no one wants to spend money on a restauration, because the building in itself is quite nice.
Tons of timber, waiting to be loaded and shipped off by railway

I enjoy these Sunday afternoon walks. There is a lot to see and the lake is a peaceful place. Sitting on a bench, enjoying the spectacular view is what I feel Sundays are made for.
Enjoy your day!


What shall we use to fill the empty spaces?

Hello and Good Saturday!
Hope you are enjoying the day.
This is my favorite day. Up at 10 and having a ball with the cats. Coffee and sloppy breakfast and no rush in the world. So nice to just live!
Received a package with my new overcoat and boots. Now I'm ready to meet Miss Winter!
Sunshine again today, making the trees shimmer and swim in beautiful colors.

The picture was taken yesterday morning on my way to work.
See how the grass is covered in ice and how the moon shines on a pink sky

I wish you a joyful day!


Just another brick in the wall

Happy Friday! I have been longing for this the whole week. Finally landed :D
I'm not gonna chit-chat too much today - just give you this wonderful early morning sight

Enjoy your evening!


But I set fire to the rain

Hey, hey!
Hope you're good and that life is treating you well.
This morning was so cold and frosty, and this evening it's windy and even colder. But Hey! I saw the beautiful moon on the sky this morning on its way down, and today I was prepared - iPhone in the hand, ready to shoot on everything offered :P And it isn't every day you get to see the moon 7:30 in the morning. It's in West - ready to dive :D

Enjoly your evening!


Favoritism ain't my thing

How are you?
So far the day has been pretty good. Left work early today due to a dentist appointment. Now home and safe and sound :P
Counted the steps this morning. Got to 650 - then I gave up. Will try again tomorrow and see hopw far I get :D
This time of year, leaves drops to the ground in all shapes and colors ... Love to walk around with my nose and eyes stuck to the ground, watching the changes.
I guess this picture was an accident .. However, I kinda like it

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out of the dark

Good evening!
How has your day been?
It's Monday - a day I would really like to be torn out of the calendar. However, I survived and am safely home with the kittens. Funny little creatures :D
There's a change in the weather from autumn to cold. This morning was only around plus 1 and my feet were freezing on my daily walk to work. I've decided to check out exactly how many steps this walk is, so tomorrow I'll try to count. I recogn I'm gonna land on around 2000 feet. If less, my feet will be real dissapointed :P
I don't know about you, but personally, I love the colors of the trees this time of the year. Below is a shot with my iPhone of a tree that I pass every day. It's actually several trees that has grown into each other. Interesting to see how they delvelope and become as one. Just like an old married couple.

Have a wonderful evening!


Take it as it comes and be thankful when it's done

Buzz, buzz! It's me again!
Are you good on this sleepy Sunday?
I'm fine. Though I went into a state of chock today in the local cheap-market, when realising they actually had christmas stuff for sale. I think that's way too early......
It's boring weather today and I prefer to stay indoors in the warmth... trying to avoid the smell of snow there's in the air.
Yesterday by the lake gave a fine opportunity for some really nice pictures. I love the reflections from the sun in the water and the shadows on the ground. This place is so full of inspiration and beauty in every season. I always enjoy coming back.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!


Missing out the cracks in the pavement, trutting my heel and strutting my feet

Hi there,
How are you today?
It's been a magical Saturday. I've been out in the fine weather with my cameras, just to find that very last glimpse of summer before the snow comes. The lake was calm and peaceful - just a Hungarian family with a bunch of kids fooling around there. Like everybody else, they were enjoying the good weather and the peace.
Wishing you a great Saturday evening!


Throw your soul through every open door

Hi there,
Sorry for the lousy update the last couple of days. Been slightly bizzi ....
I use my iPhone camera every day. The thing about iPhone is that it's a great mini-pc / phone etc., but the camera function is not that great.
However I do manage (at least occassionally) to get really good shots. It all depends on light and luck. So todays picture is a star - if I may say so myself. Love the color and the catch. Busy Bee collecting the last drops of this seasons honey :D

Wishing you a great Friday evening!