Tripping DK

Leaving Helsingborg, Sweden, behind us .....
Kronborg Castle - Hamlets home - the gate to Denmark 

Toll gate right before crossing Great Bealt

The bridge and the dam is all in all 21 kilometres long

Passing by the Island of Sprogoe

The old harbour Knudshoved on Fyn. Before the bridge was built, a ferry would take you accross the strait

Going from Fyn to Jutland crossing yet another bridge

The old bridge between Fyn and Jutland can be seen in the distance
Traditional West Coast house

A concrete bunker built by the Germans during the occupation in World War II -
now covered in sand and pink hybrid roses

 The yellow villa is 'Borgwold'. During the occupation it was the German commandant's residence

The North Sea

 Ella preparing traditional Danish beef

 J.P. has lost something

Bon Appetit

'Solfang' is a hostel. The local witch is guarding the entrance

Nam, nam!

Need no introduction

 Midsummer eve - heavy rain

 The witch ready to set off ....

The green beech forest

Blackbird's singing ...

Saint Nicolas Church en miniature

 St James School en miniature

 Saint James' Church en miniature

Street of Varde Miniature Town

Varde Miniature Town

 The old watermill

Den Kampmannske Gård

The Toll Booth

The Excise house at South Gate and the Toll Booth

Sillasen's House en miniature

.. and Sillasen's house today

Sillasen's House, the Town Hall and the prison

The lime kiln

 Graduation day for many students

 Coffee and cake at the Town Hall Café

... didn't cost much ...

 The Town Hall Café from the outside

Local train