Once photography enters your bloodstream, it's like a disease

Happy Sunday!
I like the fact that we finally got back the extra hour that was taken from us back in March. I slept until 9 - but actually when calculating, I slept 1 extra hour, which feels great.
New day with new opportunities. I made some fresh bread this morning while watching Formula 1 from India. Did I mention that I always add raising and dark chocolate to my dough? It tastes so good. Unfortunately I might have to bake again later today, because husband likes it so much, he cannot stop eating :D

Anyway - the photo of today is from 2010. I visited a house that was an exact copy of a fisherman's house back in the 1940-ies and-50-ies. Very retro. I really like the kitchen. It's interesting when you consider that we nowadays wouldn't be able to cook anything without fancy, modern machines. ... not to mention the dishwasher! Who would survive without it?!? The stove is a semi-modern one though - but nevermind.