Missing out the cracks in the pavement, trutting my heel and strutting my feet

Hi there,
How are you today?
It's been a magical Saturday. I've been out in the fine weather with my cameras, just to find that very last glimpse of summer before the snow comes. The lake was calm and peaceful - just a Hungarian family with a bunch of kids fooling around there. Like everybody else, they were enjoying the good weather and the peace.
Wishing you a great Saturday evening!


Throw your soul through every open door

Hi there,
Sorry for the lousy update the last couple of days. Been slightly bizzi ....
I use my iPhone camera every day. The thing about iPhone is that it's a great mini-pc / phone etc., but the camera function is not that great.
However I do manage (at least occassionally) to get really good shots. It all depends on light and luck. So todays picture is a star - if I may say so myself. Love the color and the catch. Busy Bee collecting the last drops of this seasons honey :D

Wishing you a great Friday evening!


Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst

...Which is why this one isn't very good :P
Hi there,
Nice Monday. Hope the sun shines on you too.
I'm taking a day off. Have 2 dentistcalls and didn't want to go to work without being able to speak, so here I am, enjoying a relaxed first day of the week.

A view of the tiny harbour in Bogense on a warm day August day. There's always a lot going on in these local harbours, even at winter time. There are still a couple of fishing boats in service here. Apart from that - kind of sleepy day.
The picture was shot with my iPhone. Taking good pictures with an iPhone camera is an art. It's very difficult to get it right, but this one made me quite satisfied.

Have a great day!


Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it

Happy Sunday!!!!
The beautiful summerdays vanished and hello to rain and dark clouds. Though nature still is spectacular dressed in its red, brown and yellow colors. I really love this season .... Actually I love all seasons - they all have their own little beauty.

Leia and Tiger has been playing around like little bombs all morning. My mood raises watching them. They are hilarious!
However, these 2 darlings belong to Emily: Neija and Mitzi! I visited the 3 of them yesterday and took a couple of shots while Emily unpacked the bag filled with books I brought her ..... I can't help laughing when watching those 2 little ladies trying to find out what's inside the bag :D

Wishing you a wonderful day!