I eat too much because I'm depressed, and I'm depressed because I eat too much. It's a vicious circle... that took years to perfect!

Found a new friend for Tiger. She's 1 week old and will come and live with us in 11 weeks from now. I haven't found a good name for her yet, but something different is preferable.

So how was my day? - Good! - Not great, but good. It's Thursday and I'm able to see the end of this week, which is a relief, because I'm still not up and running in my highest gear .... Feeling a bit tired by now actually :D
Love the thought of the book waiting for me in the distance. I have no plans what so ever for the weekend - except for reading of course. I hope I'll be able to sit outside and read while enjoying the sun ... Ehhh - I might count with something that someone else is not really able to promise me :P
Tiger's still on his diet. Not satisfied with the arrangement, I can tell you that. - Sorry baby - there's nothing I can do about it. You just have to hit acceptance xD
What to do? - Yes, coffee of course and a little chocolate. Write an email to my dad's wife and call my dad. He's been seing the doctor today. I cannot wait to hear the result of that.


Why do we want intelligent computers when there are so many stupid users?

Funny experience again today. Husband missed that we now have a combi wireless / ethernet router, so when the ethernet connection for some reason stopped working, he didn't just grab one of the wireless pc's ... No. *Sigh*  - My fault that he hasn't been properly educated of course (smack myself for that). Done that now :P
Tiger planted a solid bullet on the bathroom floor. Not that I blame him, but MG! - that new diet of his makes his bullets just too smelly! I wonder what that pedigree food from The Farmers are made of!!!!!
Looking for a friend for him. Planned to get one for my birthday, but now Maria's friend has new kittens, and one of them will definately be appropriate.

Look at him! Food on his nose - laying in my bed! - Ever since he returned from his vacation in Mitzi-Neija Land he's been sneak-sleeping in my bed. He's never done that before. I think he misses the 2 ladies, which is why I must get him some cat-company asap.
Enjoyed my day actually. Lots of laughs and lots of bizar happenings (thanks for cake btw Tanja - I know I didn't deserve my slice :P) ... Despite of that I do look forward to the weekend where I plan to read my new book. I hope Emily and Fredrik will stop by on Sunday ... If that can't be arranged, I'll simply postpone and rewind, pretending Monday to be July 1 :D


Excuse me if I kiss the sky

Hey there!
Don't know if it's the amount of strawberries, the fabulous book I received for my birthday, my wonderful colleagues, my sweet little kitty-cat, the fact that it's Tuesday - or if it's just me .....but G@D Damn it! I am in such a great mood today!
The book I received from my dad, is written by French-Danish journalist and author Stéphanie Surrugue and it's about the highly controversial prince consert Henri, married to the Danish queen. I picked it myself from the bookstore, because I, against all common sense, think the man is interesting. Imagine being this world accustomed man, born in France, raised in Vietnam, living in England, landing in Denmark of all countries, trying to adapt our perculiar and very difficult language and our strange, narrow-minded norms and un-written rules? - It must have been toughed. I believe that Henri - or Henrik as we call him - has managed better than most people. Yes his accent is a bit funny and yes he'll never become a Dane. But frankly: How many would have survived all the critizism he's been facing over the years? - Don't think so!!!!
Anyway. When the book came out last year I read parts of it, and now I hold it in my hand and look so much forward to read it.

What else is up? - Oh, yes .. Google+ of course. It's fun. The picture layout is nice and I think I'll be able to get on well with the place :D
And of course waiting for Maria to put up pictures of all the new kittens so that I can find out which one I want to be Tiger Busig's new friend .....
Sorry for not updating so often these days. I have 2 million things to do, but I try to find some time over to keep you posted.
BTW: Would it be too much to ask for a little more than a grey sky on a summerday?


If it rains it rains

Getting on with dinner preparations. Been sitting outside at the balcony most of the afternoon, reading. Basicly I grabbed a book to get some information about the building of Göta Canal, found what I was looking for, and then simply continued with the book that's written by Herman Lindqvist and contains a lot of information about the murder of King Gustav III, his son and how Jean Baptiste Bernadotte ended up being the King of Sweden. Fascinating. And besides, Herman Lindqvist is a good writer and storyteller who I enjoy listening to.
All in all a peaceful Sunday with very little to do. Pretending to forget about tomorrow ... I really would like to be on temporarily holiday for the next 40 years :P Haven't been out of my nightgown all day. - Actually it's not quite true, because I took a shower this morning, but afterwards decided to go casual the rest of the day.
Still no sight of rain and thunder, but MG it's so hot now that I'm sure it can break out any minute.
Watched Camilla Plum preparing pickled tomatoes for pasta sauces etc. That was pretty easy. Want to try it out myself. Just need to grab the recipe and get on with it. Now it's time for another favorite of mine: Per Moberg in his kitchen and my dinner.
BTW: Tiger is not a fan of his new diet. He's more hungry. I feel sorry for him, but what can I do!?! - He's supposed to eat less than he did in the past .... Sorry Tiger!

Some men like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path

Good Noon!
There's a smell of thunder in the air this morning ... Tiger's tossing around, pleading for his breakfast. He sleept tight during the night and didn't disturb me at all. - But he sleeps in my bed nowadays :( - I'm not sure if I fancy that ....
Trying to get an invitation for Google + ... I think it's rather weird. I've had Google since 2006, and yet I have to receive an invitation from someone to get access to the feature. And since I'm not famous or popular in any way I feel I'm walking the path of wilderness.
Anyway - I spent some days with the family and found my dad changed to the worst. I mean, he's always been a hard-tempered man, but now, he reached to state where I wonder if he's suffering from alzheimers. It isn't nice to see .... I also think he's finding it hard to accept that he's no longer able to do what he wants to do .... That makes him extremely frustrated.
What to do, what to do????? - Oh, yes. Enjoy the last day of this vacation as much as I can