Bridges are perhaps the most invisible form of public architecture

.... And they fascinate me ....
When I was a child, travelling from East to West took forever. The Great Belt dividing Zeeland from Funen (Fyn) had to be crossed by ferry. Somewhat cosy ... once on board, we'd go to the restaurant to dine. Tables covered with white tablecloths, white porcelain, 'silver' cutlery, food served by waiters dressed in black. - During winter-time the crossing could take up to 2 hours ... in good weather not more than 1 hour. You had all the time in the world. You could go on deck and watch the waves, or you could simply sit in a comfortable chair, relax and enjoy a good meal.
Today, crossing the Great Belt only takes 15 minutes. You don't leave the car or the train to stretch your legs. You're so busy, that you forget to enjoy the spectacular view when crossing the 17 kilometres combined bridge and dam construction. I (who have the fortunate luck not to possess a drivers license) am able to enjoy. And the view is fantastic. The bridge construction takes you up, up, up - high above the sea - and from there you can see far, far away. A sunny day gives you the best view .... when it rains, you're able to admire the sky .... It's a matter of taste ....
Once you reach Funen the highway will take you to Jutland via the Little Belt Bridge (there are actually 2 - but your choice will be the one on the highway). Crossing Little Belt is just as exciting. It gives you the opportunity to get a view of the towns Middelfart and Fredericia (the later is where I spent a great deal of my childhood as my dad's regiment was deployed there).
Anyway - Today I got some nice shots of the Little Belt Bridge - and previously I got some shots of the Great Belt Fixed Link ....

A glimpse of the original Little Belt Bridge in the distance 

 Entering the Great Belt Fixed Link

Despite of my thrill over these fabulous bridges, I still miss the nostalgic ferry trips. Those were the days. ....

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

Visited my dad today for pancakes and strawberries - Yummi! There was a lot of traffic, which once again made me wonder why. I guess I've come to the conclusion, that Denmark is a very small country with way too many cars, which evidently gives the impression of overpopulation .....
Summer Saturdays are made for market stalls and entertainment on streets and squares in the smaller towns and villages. We got our pancakes from a stall just outside the window. Also bought freshed-pressed apple must - 5 litres. .... Should keep us going for at least a week :P

On our way back, we decided to skip the highway and drive along the coast instead. Found a spot with a field of gooseberry bushes and a view to the bridge over the small strait dividing Fyn and Jutland .....


Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?

Went to to see the miniature town of Varde. Very cute and highly interesting of course. I'm fascinated by all the work people have put in it. All photos available in the 'Tripping DK' - folder.
Afterwards a small tour de shopping street and coffee and afternoon cake at the Town Hall Café. Very neat!

Showing you the slip, cause it was ridiculously cheap

The inside of the café was elegant and cosy at the same time. The interior gave me a sense of Viennese café life. And of course - like most places in Denmark - there's table service (which rarely exists in Sweden). Very continental :P

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted

Last night, it rained cats and dogs. Nevertheless I went to see the bonfire and afterwards joined husband and J.P. for an irish coffee under the canopy.
It took forever for the witch to set on fire and eventually I gave up project 'see her fly'.
Anyway - Here's a couple of shots from a wet, windy beach

 Just to give you an idea of the amount of water falling


When you do something, you should burn yourself up completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself

As you can see, I have added a new folder 'Tripping DK' to this blog and uploaded more pictures. Hope you like it. The idea is to add all pictures taken on this trip to that folder.
I see that 'Saab Automobiles' is not able to pay the worker's salaries this month .... wonder how long it will take before the company has to shut down permanently. ...... To my understanding the Swedish government isn't prepared to support Saab with loans, and in a way I can understand the government's reflection. A private company cannot expect to be supported by the tax-payers. On the other hand, thinking of the workers who don't get paid makes me indignant. They're not responsible for the economic problems in the company.
Preparing dinner: a very traditional Danish meal with summer potatoes, meatballs, pickled beets and sauce béarnaise ... Nam, nam, nam
Later Ben and Jerry with fresh strawberries .. Yummi!

Anything is good if it's made of chocolate

And I prefer pralines Yummi!

A major difference between witches and psychotherapists is that witches see the mental health of women as having important political consequences

Very windy morning. Dark clouds with rain coming in from West. Had planned to go and see the minitown museum today, but since that's an outdoor activity, I think I'll pass.
Midsummer, and tonight Danes will celebrate by putting a witch made of straw and cloth on the bonfire emerged as a remembrance of the church's witch burnings from 1540 to 1693. This burning sends the "witch" away to Bloksbjerg, the Brocken mountain in the Harz region of Germany where the great witch gathering was thought to be held on this day.

File:Skt. Hans bål+heks.jpg

Here, the traditional bonfire will be on the beach. Of course we'll be there with the camera. Hopefully the rain will stay off the sky during the 'ceremony'.
Went to bed very early last night and had a good nights sleep. It's so quiet here. The only thing you can hear is the sea and the seagulls. .....


some of the good part of blog theory was that blogs would be like diaries that the world could read. They would be spontaneous, whatever pops into your mind, as a diary would be

.... However, that takes a blogmaster who doesn't start the maintanance programme or orther annoying things that collides with your moment of revelation. I mean - I refuse to go negative, but honestly mr. blogspot seems to be unaware of the importance of being user friendly..... :O
... Which explains why you had to wait 4 hours for the pictures matching the previous post. What a D@#n mess!

This years witch who's being burned on the stake tomorrow night

Overlooking the planes

So quick bright things come to confusion

Went shopping today. Had a bit of luck, cause there was a sale at H and M.
Didn't get everything I was looking for, but most of it.
Afterwards we took a coffee at our regular place. - Tomorrow is Midummer evening, which is being celebrated with a bondfire on the beach. Outside the hostel, the witch has lined up, waiting anxiously for her anual trip ..... She looks kina evil this year in my opinion. I wonder why????
When trying to upload the damn pictures, I realize that there - once again - is some sort of problem with miss blogger, preventing me from loading the photos. Grrrrrr! (Taking a deep breath)
- Will see if the problem has been solved in a couple of hours.


Show me another pleasure like dinner which comes every day and lasts an hour

Buzz, buzz! - It's me again!
Spent the evening in good company eating a very nice, traditional Danish dinner. After that irish coffee.
Went to the beach in the afternoon. Despite the wind and the clouds, there were quite a lot of people there. It was good to smell the salty sea again. Enjoyed that!
Now I'm home again, relaxing, while writing this post and corresponding with Emily about Tiger. He's settled in, but Mitzi and Neija are still bitter about his presence. It's gonna take 1 or 2 days before they decide to accept his company. Luckily Tiger is a smart guy: Never fight with the ladies xD
To be honest, I miss my little prince madly. I miss his chatt and I miss playing with him :( ... *sigh* - Perhaps I can persuade Emily to send me some photos of him ......
Tomorrow is my shopping-for-fun day. Underwear and goody-goody stuff like that on my list. Also plan to buy a pair of clogs for husband, because he managed to break one of his toes (on the suitcase xP) Very clumpsy.

Beef, potatoes, brown sauce, jam and cucumber salad. Yummi!

Ella's preparing

The North Sea

Breaking its waves 

Managed to catch Mr Seagull

TV is chewing gum for the eyes

..... Eventually your chewing will cause you sore eyes
Afternoon and a almost blue sky. What more can one wish for!?!
Had a gigantic breakfast - a slimmed version of brunch - and lots of coffee. Fortunately we're soon out of coffee. This brand is disgusting. Tastes like oil. Bvadr!
Not doing too much today. Later I plan to walk to the beach (appr 200 metres, which I think I'm able to overcome xD) just to check if it looks as it's supposed to, and to take some pictures of course.
Since Denmark is a country full of islands, I've uploaded some shots from our trip down here ......

The Great Belt Bridge - part of the 21 kilometre long connection between Zeeland and Fyn

... Leaving the bridge - entering the dam ...

Crossing the island of Sprogø and its lighthouse before arriving Fyn

Crossing the next strait .....

Up, up up

Reaching Jutland .... The original bridge is seen to the left in the background of the picture

Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep

It's after midnight, and the only sounds heard are the waves coming in from the sea just behind the sandbanks. Almost like a lullaby for my thoughts and my soul .... Throughout the year I long for that sound. I always loved the sea.
Emily and Fredrik's trip home from Metaltown was surrealistic and a bit scary. The first accident happened as they were leaving the camping. - As I mentioned the rain was heavy yesterday, and of course one of the windshield wipers on the car gave up and broke off, and they spent quite some time trying to repair it. When that was finally fixed, they hit the road, heading towards home. From Gothenburg and home takes around 7 hours if the weather conditions are excellent, but in a rain storm, it takes a lot longer of course. Around midnight it was pitch dark, and all of a sudden they spot blue lights in the rearview mirror. So they pull over, wondering what the problem can be. The backlights are not working. That's really dangerous, in particular in the dark. They stood there on a dark highway 2 hours drive from home, in a rainstorm, trying to get the damn lights to work. At 1 am they gave up and called Fredrik's dad who got out of his bed and stumbled into his car to drive the 90 kilometres to come to their rescue. Eventually they managed to get one of the lamps to function again and headed home, cold, wet and hungry. Arrived safely at 5.30 am. Poor kids! I'm glad they kept their cool and didn't panic, and I am so glad that Bengt is a man of honour.

This post turned out to be a bit scary. Sorry. Just needed to get it out of my system.

Remember Hamlet? - He who said "to be or not to be..." and "... there's something rotten in Denmark"? - Yes, that's right - Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. He lived in Helsingør (Elsinor) and 'Kronborg' was his home ....


Winds are blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache

Hey, hey!
Sorry for the missing update yesterday. - I did manage to get the portable router to work without any problems. Unfortunately husband temporarily erased the password for his computer from his mind xD - As you can see, that problem has also been solved this morning. - Didn't want to make too much fuzz yesterday night, because he'd been driving for 14 hours, and the weather was quite crappy. We were both extremely tired, and anyway, iFool found the wireless network in 2 seconds, so I knew the router would work without any problems.
How are you?
Good I hope.
I'm uploading all pictures shot yesterday with the camera, and they're better than expected. Also got pictures on iFool, some of them have already been distributed on FB, but I'll give you some here as well.
As mentioned above, the weather was so crappy yesterday. It rained cats and dogs for more than 8 hours. Not much traffic, at least not in Sweden. A totally different story in Denmark though. I kept asking myself "what are these people doing on the roads on a peaceful Sunday? Don't they have anything better to do, like cutting their lawns, or sipping coffee with their families?" - But then I remembered: Of course, we're in Denmark. Land of the mini-cars where the ultimate Sunday pleasure is to drive into the countryside, find an over-crowded spot along the highway to digest un-drinkable cup of Sunday afternoon coffee. That explain's xP
- Just spoke to Emily ... I think I will save her story till the next post. It's rather bizar in a sarcarstic-funny way :(
Anyway - here are some of the pictures from the trip:

 First stop 7 am

 This little fellow is camera shy

 Entering the last tunnel in Stockholm. The first raindrops are falling .... It's 9 am

 Breakfast - South of Stockholm 10 am. Cafe latte and buns in shelter of the rain. Mm

 Jönköping in the afternoon. Heavy rain and fog. Unfortunately, because the view is spectacular

 Chicken nuggets and a free ride on Burger King's wireless network just outside Värnamo

 On board the ferry in Helsingborg. 20 minutes crossing time before landing in Helsingør, hometown of Hamlet

Reached destination and got this magnificant shot of this little rabbit