Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can, using only their hands and feet, make some of the worst movies in the history of the world

Hey there!
How's your day been? - Mine's been fairly good - thank's for asking.
We're packing and the dust-buster-s been out of its shelter - just because I don't appreciate to come home to a lot of dust-rats in 3 weeks :P
Listening to Top Gear (love those 3 maniacs) and charging all mobile devices. Did I mention that my vacation started this morning?!? hehehehe
The town is crowded with old buicks and cadillacs tonight. It's cruising night. I've never attended the show before ... I was planning to go down and watch the parade, but I skipped that idea.
In exactly 24 hours, I'll be occupying my favorite chair, enjoying my favorite drink - a tripple irish coffee with Ella, J.P. and husband .......

The pictures are from last year and the year before .....

Emily and Fredrik are enjoying Metaltown, though it's been quite windy and wet .... Anyway, tonight they are to see Korn for the first time. Think they've seen all the other bands more than once, but Korn is a new experience.
Nothing worth watching on the silly-box tonight - except for the 3 crazy guys ..... Karate movies are just a waste of time .....
Better get on with the packing!

That was a cheap shot

I usually don't watch reality shows, however, on a rainy day like this, my tummy enjoys the zap-feature on the remote, and I happened to check in on Paris Hilton's new BFF. - Seriously - I'm chocked. The world seems to be overcrowded with ridiciously dumb girls. Talk about being fake. It scares the shit out of me. In the 60-ies women fought for our liberation and we demand to be treated as responsible and equal members of society. And yet we sees to meet men's expectations of dumb-dumbs by attending this kind of idiotic tv-programmes .... Everything for the 15 minutes of fame. Come on!
Bought a new transportation box for Tiger. He's madly interested, and has a been investigating it all afternoon. Seems to have drained him for every drop of energy in his veins ......

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer

Good Noon!
On a scale from 1 to 10, just how wonderful do you think it was to wake up and realize that - OMG! I'm on vacation! ????
- That's right! :D
It's raining, but who cares???? - Sunshine will come to those who wait :P
The only concern I have is leaving Tiger and being without him for 3 weeks. That's a scary thought .... 

Time for breakfast and news - and more coffee!!!!
Enjoy your day!


Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out

Hey there!
Sorry, sorry! ... Missed my early morning update today. Was out of inspiration. .....
VACATION is here!!!!! I cannot express in words, how wonderful that feels!
I thought this day would be hard to get through - but it wasn't. I worked like a horse and actually managed to get most of everything done in time ... Worked between 7:15 am and 5.45 pm almost non-stop. Just 2 short breaks and a very short lunch ... Now I can relax.

Looking forward to spend some time with Ella and J.P. And to walk on the beach, feeling the salty water wash over my feet. To hear the seagulls scream and taste the salt on my tongue. It may rain for 3 weeks ! I couldn't care less.
Emily and Fredrik are in Gothenburg at Metaltown. I hope they enjoy every second of it.
I'm enjoying coffee and chocolate. - Celebrated this wonderful day with a plate filled with dark, tasty plums and sweet strawberries. Yummi!


Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward

... Hm .. Yeah, I felt that :P
Spent some time solving husband's email problems yesterday. I sent him an email that he didn't receive. Why? Because something messed up his mail account.
Did what I'm trained to do: Collected information about error codes etc., googled and Abracadabra! Issue found on Microsoft's homepage. Another doubble click and solution found and problem solved. - I might not be the most technical skilled lady in this universe, but knowing how to knowledge search is damn practical :D
- Man is a funny creature. We are so very different. Our perception of 'time' for instans. - "You wasted 30 minutes of my time with your highly irrelevant questioning" someone says .... While my time-counter on the screen is just passing 12 minutes .... And how do you interpret this funny little word 'irrelevant'? I mean - it depends which side you're on, doesn't it ?!?
I'm pro-irrelevance. I like strawberries. They're full of sweet and sugar. They make me happy. I babble. Am I irrelevant?
I think the sun is shining today. Packed my things and on my way. Tiger overslept - again - for the 2nd time this week. Highly unusual ......

Enjoy your day!
Good Morning!


Into each life some rain must fall

.... Which is true - but it feels kinda heavy these days :( - But nevermind - 3 steps from vacation and when thinking about it, I hear the orcestra playing happy tunes from the destance xD
Stumbled over a very interesting article yesterday in the local paper (yes, occasionally they do bring interesting articles there :P) about Madagascar. Since 1999, 600 new species have been discovered in the forests of Madagascar. One of the 'new' species is this little fellow - the tiniest lemur there is. He's only 9 cm and weighs just a few kilograms.
These unique creatures are unfurtunately threatened with extinction. One of the reasons is of course our exploitation of the rainforest - the home of these primates.

More about lemurs at Wikipedia.
I decided to leave later this morning than I usually do ... I'm simply making a point. Nothing more - nothing less. And anyway - most likely I'll be working late, so putting myself on energy save mode as long as I can :P

Good Morning!


My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain

Rain, rain. How I love the sound of summer rain falling down, hitting the pavement. My ears hear music. Every morning I pass by a garden. There's a lilac bush planted along the sidewalk and a bed of nettles. The combined fragance of lilac and nettles are fabulous. The rain seems to make the fragance even stronger. Love it!
New day and new hair. I have the best hairdresser there is and always leave it entirely up to her to decide which style to present for the next 6 weeks. - Did you notice how much information I gave you in those 2 sentences?!?
4 steps from vacation. I think I'm able to walk those steps without any hesitation :P
I didn't speak a work about Tiger for the past days - as if I forgot all about him. Don't worry. Tiger's fine ... enjoying life, counting the days to his vaction starts as well xD
This grey day calls for a sunny picture, don't you agree?!? - so I decided to show a couple of more pictures from Orbaden. All pictures are available if you click on the folder 'Countryside Tripping'.
Today is Fabiens fika day. Bo was supposed to go hammering on his door yesterday and remind him. I wonder how successfull he's been :P - We'll see, if the absent-minded Frenchman actually remembers to bring in the goodies ...

Good Morning!


I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face

Hey there!
Was at the dentist - later this afternoon it's time for my hairdresser appointment.
It's raining cats and dogs. Nice. Hopefully it will clean the air and lower the temperatures inside.

And no - it's not me on that bicycle :P

Vacation in the distance - wawing at me hahaha - 4 days! I look forward to it like a little child for christmas :D
Did some indoor housework this morning ... you know, such as sweeping the floors .. that sort of exciting activities :P - After hairdresser it's time for dinner. Bought yummi fruits - honey melon, bananas, strawberries *nam, nam* and fika ... sugar is my thing ....

Now coffee and blogs

Am I a fool? I don't think I'm a fool. But I think I sure was fooled

Hey there! And Good Morning!
Because it is a holiday in Denmark today, I'm off duty :P Nice!!!!
Which is why I'm posting this later than I usually would do on a Monday.
My dad was hospitalized again yesterday. Problems with his lungs. The heat is causing him difficulties in breathing. He expects to get out of there again by tomorrow. Hope he's right.
In my previous post, I wrote about a young female blogger from Yemen facing problems because of her writing.
Yesterday evening I spotted an article in the Danish newspaper Information about a Syrian female gay blogger, Amina, who was feared to have been kidnapped. The blogger Liz Henry raised doubts about Amina's existence in her blogpost Painful doubts about Amina, and yesterday there was an update on 'Aminas' blogpage, which apart from an apology also includes an information that proved Liz Henry to be right. The blog was a hoax, written by Tom MacMaster and Britta Froelicher, who don't seem to understand what sort of damage they made by taking such a serious matter as minorities rights in a closed country like Syria, pretending it to be real, when it was in fact pure fiction.
There are people who make a living of being strictly fictional - Marilyn Manson is that sort of artist, or magician if you like - but they never claim to be for real. Apart from this, Manson has always been very clear in his messages: Don't believe everything you read, see or hear.
However in 'Aminas' case, lots of people truely believed in her existence, and lots of people offered their sympathy, while the real writers took the scam to the edge. The problem with this is, that next time a blogger with a story comes around, the risk is that the blogger's credibility will be questioned and perhaps rejected as scam - even if it is in fact the awful truth.

And now over to coffee and something sweet to brighten up my day

Good Morning!


Are you hugging the TV?

Hi there!
How's your Sunday?
Mine's been pretty good.
Been out on a little trip with the camera this afternoon. We ended up in a very nice place by the river Ljusnan and had fika in the small community Orrbaden. A bit windy, but warm and on and off sun.

Mm .. fika! Yummi!

This used to be an railway station, now only freight trains and highspeed trains passes by.

The old station building has transformed into a residential house

Just checked up on the news from Syria and Yemen. What happens there is a great concern. I watched an interview with a young woman from Yemen who has received threats for her blogging and for her engagement in the struggle for democracy in her country. One of the things she talked about was a blogpost she posted, where she showed a picture of her an 2 other girls visited a cafeteria for a cup of tea. She'd never been to a cafeteria before, but she'd passed this cafeteria many, many times, and dreamt about how she wanted to go in there, sit down and drink a cup of tea. Now going to a cafeteria apparently isn't 'normal' behaviour for a woman to do in Yemen, so this young woman had received tons of comments, accusing her of being un-islamic. The problem is - she's not against islam. She just wanted to drink a cup of tea in a cafeteria.
In our culture, women has been able to go to cafeterias or cafés for ages, and in my mind, it's highly innocent to drink a cup of tea. But from this young womans story I understand, that in other parts of this world women has very few rights, so I see this desire for democracy that's sweeping over the Middle East at the moment as a need to gain not just the right to elect the leaders of the countries, but for women in particular also the right to do normal things, such as drinking a cup of tea in a cafeteria .......

You have to give people something to dream on

Good Morning!
Was awakened from the sound of thunder. It went on for quite a while, but now it seems to have moved on. Made the temperatures drop a bit - for a while. Now we seem to be back where we were ....
Sat outside on the balcony and watched the moon last night. How it transformed and went from yellow to orange - glowing like a huge fireball. Shortly after 1 am, I watched the orange ball vanish in the horizon. Very beautiful!

Shooting pictures in the twilight is not easy, but after many tests of the different options, I've come to the conclusion, that the best twilight pictures from this camera, comes when using the macro filtration.
After the rain, the air smells freshly of flowers and grass. Wonderful!
Now more coffee, a cig and a chat with Tiger .....