Beer, beer, beer, bed, bed, bed

Good Noon!
Sorry the lack of updates yesterday. I came home around 11 and just sat and enjoyed the white night at the balcony

The moon is amazing. I spotted it some time after 1 am, and it was glowing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good shot of it, but tonight I plan to be patient and just focus ....
Erika's party yesterday was great. Good food and good company, and the weather was fantastic. Lena and Bengt (Fredrik's mom and dad) bought a new property last year in a spectacular, scenic area; home for wolfs and bears.
A couple of weeks ago, one female bear turned up in their backyard. Lena fetched her camera to get it documented - Bengt his shotgun :D - Anyway - no bears yesterday though ... too much noise I guess :P

Erika watering the horses

 Erika, leading us on track. Emily doesn't agree ... Oh, and my shadow was there too .P

Admiring the pond. Chat-chat 


More traditions

...and more 

I want to tramp too ... Grrrrr

Erika's exercising

The moon

Can we play football?!?

Nice and shady 

Emily and husband

Fredrik doesn't know what to think ...

Lena and Catharina chatting with Lily


I feel like a candy wrapper caught in an updraft!

Think my blog yesterday morning ended up in a mess. I'm not sure if you were actually able to see the pictures. I suppose Blogger had some sort of heatstroke and swalloved my pics. - Nevermind. A new day is here and TGIF!
Tonight we'll be celebrating Erika (f.y.i: Erika is Fredriks younger sister) who finalizes high school. Look forward to be there and to see her happy face after all these intense years in school. I wish her all the best in life. - Which reminds me btw - remember the camera!!!!
The heat volume is still set on max. I'd like to leave this sauna :O
Work is the never ending story. Kim and Fabien are sick (Kim went down with a serious stomach infection - feel sorry for him. Yesterday was his birthday. What a crappy way to celebrate it)
Apart from that I'm partying on strawberries. I cannot get enough. This really is my favorite .... Yummi!

I'm somewhere in there - wrapped up xD

Time for the daily races. I apologize in advance for the crappy delivery on this blog today. Hope you forgive me. It's all in a good cause xD

Goo-hood Morning!


I failed to make the chess team because of my height

This heat is killing me! The first thing I do is take a shower - 10 minuttes later I'm ready for a new shower. This whole place feels like a sauna. I find it difficult to sleep when it's this hot. I like summer, but Dear Heater! Would you mind turning down the volume just a little bit?
Anyway - Good Early Morning! 6 steps away from work-free joy. Counting down.
I know the above was shown in a previous post. I wasn't really satisfied with the result then, so I re-did the photo. What I want to show you is the lake, which you get a better glimpse of now. A walk around the lake will take you an hour. A nice exercise if you're in to that :P - The picture was taken from my balcony.

And here she is - my little princess Emily - behind the steering wheel, exercising her driving skills. She's a bit taller than me ... but still - cushions were made to sit at xD
Right .. Cannot postpone the inevitable ... So I'll just jump right out into reality with an open mind and happy mood.

Good Morning!

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Can we go home? All this fresh air is making my hair move and I don't know how long I can complain

Oj! I do believe it's morning!
It's Wednesday, isn't it? - Yes. That's right. Well, well. At least we're only 2 steps away from weekend. That's nice.
The heat is not on today. I suppose I have to wear a jacket this morning after all. Damn it!xD
We've decided to leave one day later than planned next week. Tiger's gonna stay with Emily and Fredrik, but they won't return from Metaltown untill Sunday evening, and I don't want my little prince to be all by himself for too many hours, so we postponed the time of departure. I'm happy with that. - Actually would have preferred to bring him with me, but that's not an option this year, unfortunately. Hope I won't miss him too much :(
Breaktfast and lunchbox ready .... I look forward to this, which I'm gonna make for myself tonight-:)

Well, well! Time to take the first step into the real world for the first time today ... Just to check, if it's possible to breathe :P *Sigh*!!!
 - Let's do it!

Good Morning!


The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby

Hey there!
Sorry about the lousy updating the last couple of days. I've been busy trying to keep my body awake.
Anyway. Thunder outside .... I got soaking wet on my way home from work today. But I enjoyed it. It's extremely hot today ... Needed a cooler.
No fika today :O - Fabien forgot all about that I suppose. Well, well. Better luck next week :P
Tiger's been tossing around all day, playing with his little rat, rolling around, packing himself into the carpet on the floor .... Just finished his after-dinner - leftovers from my plate - and is on his way into a comatic power-nap.
7 working days left and I will be O.V. Look sooo much forward to it. It's almost making me speechless!

Now - music, a cig and a nice, tasty cup of coffee to escape reality.


Actually I don't remember being born. It must have happened during one of my black outs

Uh .. uh ... Good Morning!
Which day is it? - Yeah, that's right ... Monday. Off to work in a little while. But Hey! I've got 9 working days left before wawing bye-bye, setting off to celebrate my vacation!!!! Looking forward to that. And 9 days is not a life-time. It's almost as fast as the speed of a Garfield lightning :D
A-N-Y-W-A-Y - I'll be spending the day with the best team there is and hopefully we're gonna have lots of laughs.
Play around with the Fool is fun. Making some minor mistakes, but some of the pictures are reasonably okay. I've got this jasmine that's just growing and growing. It's got these waxy, delicate pink flowers hanging down like small bells. Beautiful flower in all its chaotic jumble.

Love the color of the pansies ... The purple-blue color of the leafs and the bright, yellow click in the middle, leading the thoughts to the sun
And Tiger of course. Now he's always a winner. I bet he's the most photographed kitten in the whole wide world ...... The color from his ear-tatoo refuses to vanish, but nevermind - it matches the color of his eyes :P
Yesterday he slept most of the day. He's not that eager to play these days. It could be the heat - or the fact that he's still under the influence of the unpleasant surgery. I prefer the heat to be the cause of his lethargy. It's getting on my nerves as well.
I'm wearing my coral-colored dress today. Feels cosy. Not sure if it looks good on me, but that's simply a matter that I refuse to care about today. Long live the independent womans right to wear what she feels good in. - Be yourself, all the others already been taken.

Good Morning!


Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts

Emily has practised her drivings skills for the first time yesterday. Apparently everything went well. I'm so glad she hasn't enherited my lack of abilities to drive. Though, I cannot pretend not to be a bit worried. I mean - my little girl behind a steering-wheel - oj, oj, oj :D
Amuzing myself this afternoon with my newest app-toy ......

Oh, and Tiger's deeply into one loooong power-nap ......

I give you my sprig of lilac

Saw some very beautiful pictures from Emily's photoalbum at fb which she claimed was shot with her iPhone camera. And they were just beautiful. So I asked her how on earth she'd managed to shoot such fine pics with the iFool. The answer is 'Adobe' - and there is an app available that can be downloaded for free. I tried it, and it seems to work quite well ......

For this one I use the crop facility. I might want to brighten up a bit, but, yeah, I'm fairly content with the result.

Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party

Good Noon and Happy Sunday!
Woke up to another beautiful day. The winds have subsided dramatically since yesterday evening.
Got home shortly after midnight from the dinnerparty with the Team. Alas Kim was absent ... he's still suffering from a nasty stomach infection that's floating around here. Hope he's back on his feet again tomorrow.
The rest of us enjoyed some pretty good food and drinks ... My favorite, irish coffee on the table .. Yummi!!!!!

Had difficulties falling asleep, so I noticed that we've now entered the season where the dark never hits the night. It's amazing. At 1:30 the seagulls were up, gliding around, and I could see the shimmering light through the blinders .....
Now over to breakfast and ... Oh, yes, that's right .. I might have to run over the house with the dust-buster ... Grrrrrr