Where's your will to be weird?

Dinner with the Boys tonight at Kicks Saloon to celebrate what we've accomplished. Unfortunately it's also a farewell party for Fabien, as he will be leaving us next week. But who knows - he might return again next month :D
Haven't decided what to wear .. that depends on my last-minute mood ... Sneaked-peaked on the menu card, and I think I'm on the orange-apple barbaqued salmon again. It's so delicious!
Must remember to load the camera battery and make sure to take lots of pictures .....
Tiger's in one of his power-naps again. He found a nice place and a friend ...

Late breakfast digested ... bread, lemon curd, strawberries and orange juice ... Now time for a power-nap (if it's possible to find a chilly place) ......

Moment of inner freedom when the mind is opened and the infinite universe revealed

Good Morning!
A new beautiful day revealed! Sat outside and watched the seagulls training their offspring. Amazing birds!
Not too hot today ... the winds are very strong coming from West with a moisty smell.
At this time of year, sun sets around 11 in the evening, and with a clear sky, the colours are fabulous .. Reminds me of a painting. A sense of inner peace strikes the soul ......


A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself

Hey there!
I'm sweating and fingers are gliding on the keyboard. So I'll just let Tiger do the talking.
Strange day! I'm in a good mood and having fun. I like chatting with my paws!
Soon to get my favorite desert: Ice-cream!!!! Nam, nam, nam! I know I'm not supposed to eat it, but I can't resist ... And besides ! It is too damn hot for fur today! Puh!
Hey! Did you know that cats are the most intelligent creature on Earth? It's true. We're very brainy. We're independent and strong. We're survivors. Not like those lame species who feed us and call themselves our owners! HA! Cats do not have owners! Cats have slaves. We purr and everybody jump to please us. Now what does that tell you about us?!? - We're Gods! - And a little accident on the floor does not make a disaster, does it! Of course not. Not our fault that the indoor grass is so rough to dig in. I think there ought to be a law against this sort of indoor activities. On the other hand - I'm not sure that it's such a good idea to try and escape. It feels as if I'll break my neck if I jump.
- Now get on with it lady and bring me ice-cream! I'm sweating, and need a cooler before I melt! Meooow!

In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first

Good Morning!
Beautiful day! Sun's shining and the sky is blue. I love the feeling of summer floating through the window. Off to the races. I'm quite sure the day ahead will be calm ... I mean - what can possibly go wrong?
I'm thinking of adding Tiger as a member of this blog and let him speak for himself from time to time. Would be interesting to hear what's on his mind. ..... I bet he has an opinion on everything .... Hmmm ... I kinda like this idea ..... What do you think, Tiger?
Reading the Daily Wailing just makes me sad. I better put it aside and pretend I didn't see the headlines. My mind simply can't cope. ....
Time to enter the real world. Wish me luck :P


This is not me, I'm not mechanical!

Buzz, buzz!
How is your day going? - Mine's going very well.
Unexpected visit from Emily and Fredrik. Very nice to see them again. Mitzi and Neija was here as well, and Tiger Busig was so annoyed for not letting him play with the girls. - No, seriously, he hissed! I've never heard or seen him do that before. Though he wasn't angry - just a little bit upset.
He's been crawling around in my hustle, bustle room and is convinced that there's another cat inside the mirror :P

Did you read about the outbreak of the ehec bacteria? Well, consumers stop buying vegetables, but not me. Strawberries is a must, so I buy fruits and vegetables despite the warnings and don't think there's any reason to panic. Media tries to scare the s#@t out of us, and of course it's sad that people die because the bacteria cannot be cured with antibiothics. However, if we live in fear of getting sick from eating, we might as well kill ourselves on the spot. My opinion is probably gonna affect the number of friends on fb again. Not much to do about that. If people don't respect my opinion even when it happens to be different from theirs, they're not mature enough and therefore not worth sharing information with anyway.    

In the 60s, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal

Found a new fancy app from iBooks for the Fool ... Now I have my own private book shelf and can fill it up with classics from Dickens, Jane Austen Dostojevski and others. It's probably gonna be a bit difficult to read them, considering the size of an iPhone screen, but never mind. I've got the classics!!!!! :P
I'm an addict. Got to have all sorts of ridiculous apps to fill up the screen on the phone ..... Did I ever claim to be sane?

Good Morning btw!
Day off and the sun is shining. Would like to do as little as possible today.... Maybe a small trip outside the house would be good for the mental health and mood .... 


The trouble with having an open mind is that people will insist on coming along and try to put things in it

How are you?
Good day today. Was on a very interesting training today. Hope I'm able to remember everything I've learned.
Seems like my team did an excellent May performance. The best ever as far as I know, which I'm extremely proud of. We've decided to celebrate on Saturday night with dinner and a glass.
Tomorrow is a day off (highly needed), so tonight I'm gonna relax in front of the silly box with 'Midsomer' .....

Another picture from yesterdays thunderstorm. We got a lot of water


June is finally here!
Good Morning btw :P
I'm off to work - just to check the results of our efforts. Curious you see :D
But I do believe there is something to celebrate ...... :P
There was a lot of rain yesterday evening! The flowers at the balcony suffered a wet death :(
Have to buy some new ones I guess ......

Tiger proved to be my true soul-mate yesterday. He enjoys thunder as much as I do :D

Have a good day!


I go where the sound of thunder is

Hey there!
Hope you're doing well.
Outside is thunder and lightning. Managed to film some of it. Amazing! It began shortly after 5 this afternoon ... The time is now 9 pm and it's still circling over our heads. ... You know I love this weather. I have no fear at all. Sat outside until the rain drowned the balcony.
I've uploaded on of the videos I shot and some of the pictures ... though I have to say ... Blogger is really slow when uploading videos. Took forever!

Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Good Morning!
Very exciting day! Midnight marks the end of May and maybe - just maybe there will be something to celebrate with the team.
Sat outside yesterday evening and watched the seagull parade. Watched them gliding through the air - up and down. Amazing birds!
The evening sky was so beautiful! Like a painting ......

Tiger's in his playfull mood. He still got paint in his ear from his tatoo xD. As I mentioned yesterday, he developed a sweet tooth since he left the vet. I wonder ....

I usually don't write a word about any members of royal families, however, as you may know, certain accusations against the Swedish king has been published the last couple of weeks. In particular about his less fortunate choice of friends. Like most people, I have a private opinion about the monarchy. I'm not really pro, neither am I against. I do believe that the monarchy has more or less lived itself out. I think it's weird for a modern society like ours to keep one family in a stereotype world, without any rights to vote, to speak freely, to decide which church to belong to or not to belong to etc.

Anyway - I watched the TV interview given by the king yesterday night, and honestly - I don't give a damn whether he visited a strip-club or not. I think that story is without any interest. But his choice of friends ought to be more selective. Though, maybe, if we take into consideration that the king is a highly normal human being and not closer to heaven than the rest of us, how come we think that his judgement is poorer than ours? I realise that he is the Head of State. Which again is strange, because he was never elected. He was given this title by birth. Does that make him more fit for the job than you and me? Probably not. 
Based on that, it might be time to leave the monarchy where it belongs - in the past.


My fake plants died because I didn't pretend to water them

Hey there!
How are you today?
I'm good.
Only 2 days left for a break in the routine. We got an extra holiday this week. Praise he who came up with it xD
Loooong day. Busy on and off. But home is where the heart is, don't you think?
Fika day tomorrow and Fabien is gonna bake us some fabulous crupcakes. I forgot the name, but if they're good, I'll look up the recipe to share with you.
Some of my plants want water all the time, and some of them rarely ever. Think I've managed to kill one of them accidently .... How did that happen????

Walked home through sunshine, counting the days till I will start my vacation. Look very much forward to that. Hadn't had any vacation since last June, so it's about time.
Time for reading, checking blogs, fb, email and play with Tiger, who's in such a good mood today. The vet is ancient history in his mind ... though I do need to be a bit careful with him..... He seems to have developed a sweet tooth ...

If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?

Good Morning!
Monday and soon of to a new day at the races.
Had a nice Sunday evening and spoiled myself with my 5 favorites

Chocolate and strawberries

Omelette with chocolate and strawberries and a good book

Ice-cream with strawberries and chocolate

Yeah, yeah, I know you think that chocolate and strawberries don't fit in an omelette. But you should try it! It's tasty! Just make sure to use dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa.
I am convinced that 1-2 pieces of chocolate a day has a positive effect on the mood. - Though it's got to be the dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa. Mars bars and stuff like that is not real chocolate. It's just sugar. I use chocolate in sauces as well. It simply adds an extra spice to the taste.

Anyway - Lunchbox and breakfast packed and soon ready to leave. This is going to be 2 very exciting and interesting days. Because my team is about to set a record. By midnight tomorrow we know whether we're the new members of the Hall of Fame. Counting the minutes now. I know I rarely write about my job, but this is something that's making me extremely proud to be a part of, so if we set this, I'm gonna make an exception and write just a little bit about what I do for a living :D

Ready for a power-nap - again


Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly

Buzz, buzz! - That's right. It's me. Again.
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as much as I do.
Tiger's a bit grumpy. He's hungry, but I just told him he has to wait for a least half an hour before dinner is served. Not a popular statement in his ears.
Today is Mother's Day in Sweden. Received a sweet post from Emily on my fb wall. Lovely when the kids remember me for being me.
Spoke to my dad this afternoon. - He greeted me with a "Bonjour Madame. Comment êtes-vous?" ... Turns out he bought himself a French course to refresh his skills in la langue gallique. Which I believe is a great idea. Not because he wants to go to France again, but because he's got access to French tv programmes, and wants to be able to understand everything they say. I think it's kind of courageous of a man at the age of 76 to take up that sort of exercise. Did I mention that he also paints? He has this army of tin soldiers that he's collected, and he's now painting them up. He also took up painting on canvas, which is something I'm sincereloy thinking of taking up as well. This creative oar runs in the family. We're not artists, but as a hobby, painting is very relaxing.

There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people

Jap! Found at least 1 book ... 'Aufstand der Soldaten' by Hans Hellmut Kirst, and I suspect that this book was used as background material when writing the script for the movie 'Valkyrie'. The book is a drama-documentary about the plot leading to the attempted assassination of Hitler on July 20 1944, executed by Claus von Stauffenberg, code-name 'Walküre'.
Books should be read on the original language, because if the translation is poor, you miss relevant content, and in this case I suspect that the translator had difficulties with the authour's language, and the book therefore appears as less convincing.

Giving advice is always silly. Giving good advice however is fatal

Good Morning!
Slept well?
This Sunday seems to be a rewind of Saturday. Storm-rain and the balcony is swimming. Next moment the sun's shining. Weird.
For some odd reason 'Gillmore Girls' were cancelled today. What a no-no! That leaves me with just one programme worth watching on the silly-box today, and that's 'Nynne'. Which is a Danish 'Bridget Jones' alike but better and hilariously funny.
What to do? What to do? Hm... Did the sweep-over-floors and blow-the-dust-away manouvers yesterday. - Actually I ought to spend the day in company with a good book ... Could check the sack full of books that my mother brought with her last week. It might contain a pearl or 2.......