Leave me alone¸ I'm busy wallowing in self pity

Waiting for Lewis and preparing ice-cream with strawberries and nectarines in the meantime.
Strange weather today. From glittering sunshine to heavy rain, then sunshine again .... April weather i May :(
Tiger's found the bed again. He's still very tired, though in a happy mood. One thing he didn't loose yesterday is his voice. He talks louder than ever xD




Just checking ...



Oh sure! Even communism works. In theory ...

This woman scares the s#&t out of me


... Better start looking for a more human planet to settle down because Earth with her will be highly insecure

The definition of 'Bitch' is French for beautiful creature with an undaunted personality

Good Morning!
Hope you slept just as good as I did.
Woke up just an hour ago ... If husband hadn't urged me to climb out of bed, I would probably still be sound asleep :P
The title of this post is borrowed from Plastic Martyr, a model and underground personality. I love reading his statements, because he - on behalf of all women - often expresses our inner thoughts. He believes that everybody is beautiful in their own way, and he's right. Another great thing about him is that he, despite being a 'celebrity' always finds time to respond to comments.
Some time ago, I changed my day and night creams from L'Oreal to Garnier. It's always a bit of a gamble doing that, because you know what you've got but not what you're gonna get. Well, my new choice of prefered cream turned out to be much better than the ones I used to smear in the face. My skin feels like marzipan and looks younger than ever, at least in my eyes, and that's what matters. I feel beautiful

Tiger's resting again


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye

I had this for dinner - in my omelette

Yes, that's right. I eat omelette everyday. Because I can :P
- Preferably with strawberries, nectarines, rasperies, bread, pineapple and or bananas.

Top Gear in my ear (waiting for Morse), though I'm in the mood for music right now .... Hm ....
Btw - I like Top Gear. Those guys are crazy! :D
Morse is cool in a very quiet way. - He's also dead.

Some of these flowers used to be yellow - now they're white/light purple. That's odd. How can a flower change the color just like that? Perhaps it's got something to do with the light ....? - Anyway, they're not roses, neither did they cost a fortune, but I think they're beautiful as they are.

Tiger's fallen asleep like a baby ...... Do not disturb xD

Diet is die with a t

Hey there!
How are you?
Tiger is recovering remarkably well from the surgery. But he wasn't happy about being without his pre-breakfast AND his breakfast. Anyway - he's now officially unable to do any serious damages to the ladies :P
He's been resting all afternoon and seems to be well. A little unstabile though when trying to jump, so he might need to take it easy for the next 24 hours.
From now on we have to keep him on a low-fat diet to prevent him from gaining too much weight. Poor little man who loves eating. That's not gonna be a hitter I'm sure.
Apart from loosing his balls, he also got a ID tatoo.

When returning from my vacation in the beginning of July, I'm gonna start the search for a little new cat .....

We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves

Good Morning!
Watch out! It's FRIDAY!!!!!
It's also T.V. Day. Stands for Tiger to the Vet Day. Poor little thing  ಥ_ಥ  
He's been on a non-food diet since midnight, and that ain't fun for him.

Hopefully he'll forget all about this miss-treat as soon as it's over and he's back safe in his little bed.

Wednesday was the worst day of my week. I have such high demands and expectations to myself when it comes to work, that it sometimes hits me like a boomerang. I always want to do everything right and not skip anything - even when it's impossible for me to fullfill all obligations simply because of lack of time. So at some point my boss tried to tell me, that skipping lunch and breaks is a terrible idea. Which is true. Nevertheless, I heard myself say "you know, actually, if I can't fix it, I might as well look for another job", which is totally bullshit. You cannot work for 3 or 4, and if you ignore logic and do it anyway - don't blame anyone else but yourself!
Anyway, I had a chat with myself, and decided to give it up and accept that I cannot change things that are out of my control. And after all - martyrs do not fit into the real world.


Art is either plagiarism or revolution

Good Morning!
Hope you slept well!
I was sooo tired yesterday. Went to bed rather early. Don't feel a bit for a day at the races today, but nevermind, weekend is about to explode right up in my face!
Last Christmas, I did some black/white photos ... Well, allright, some of them has traces of color ... nevermind ... they're sort of black/white ... I like working with the black/white media. It gives me the sense of 50-vintage ... No revolution, just plain home-made creativity

Cinematic Paradise
Privacy is buried in the lake


Have a Good Day!


Messy¸ psychologically damaged weirdo

Hey, hey!
How are you?
Tiger's blocked the door. I'm unable to get out :P
It rained cats and dogs when I left work. I have this huge, ugly, yellow umbrella, and luckily I remembered it today. Saved me from soaking.

Read a very interesting article in the Danish newspaper
Information today about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK). It raises the highly relevant question "How come DSK is seen as the victim here - what about the woman?"
Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy (who compares himself with Jesus), is once again making a fool of himself by opposing against treating DSK like "any other person". "Everybody, is not everybody!", he said.

You're welcome to read the original article publiced in The Guadian
You're still free to disagree with me, but honestly - as a woman, I do feel something is rotten in this world. It's perfectly fine to behave like an übermensch if you are wealthy and upperclass and to get away with it. And of course you'll become a martyr, because "How dare you, little miss cleaning lady, complain when a good man like DSK mistake you for a prostitute. You should be happy! - After all - God have touched you!"

Feel free to disagree

Good Morning! - Beautiful Wednesday morning!
Hope the day will be sunny and calm.
Yesterday was extremely windy

Wasn't able to see the volcanic ashes from the eruption of Grímsvötn though. Nevertheless a lot of flights have been cancelled.

Photo by Halldora Kristin Unnarsdottir/Scanpix

Came home late last night and went to bed relatively early. Still trying to recover from the past weekend. It'll probably take me a week before being back to 'normal' - whatever that is :P
Am lazy this morning, so I took the liberty to 'borrow' the title for this post from Emily ...... But honestly - Feel free to disagree :P
I plan to be home early tonight ... Allthough I know somewhere in the backside of my head, that this brilliant plan of mine is just a plan.
Did I mention that Tiger is off to see the vet on Friday? I'm sure he's able to feel that something is about to happen, because he behaves very strange at the moment. Yesterday night I - again - found him fast asleep in my bed. He's never done that before. He always sleeps in his own bed. But all of a sudden, he wants to snuggle with his mamma. Odd - don't you think?!?


Femenists bore me to death

Huh .. uh .. (Good) Morning!
Hope you slept well. I did.
I hope this day will be less intense. Yesterday simply carved in solid rock why I hate Mondays! Think that the fortune-teller got it all completely wrong. "The day would be full of joy". Plain rubbish! - I bet it was last year's horoscope in reprise.
In my bitchy mood today. I can feel it. It's not gonna take me anywhere.
Found a map over Sweden. Mainly because it's always nice to be able to prove that there is land north of Uppsala :P - You see the tiny island at the bottom of the picture's left side? - - I call it the Devils Island. Copenhagen is there somewhere. It's tiny too :P
I was born on that island. - You can always find an explanation that makes sense :D

More sights and sounds from Sundsvall

Never under-estimate the power of a power-nap

Have a Good Day


Work's a weird thing. I'm not sure it works

Hey there!
How are you?
Who, me? - I'm good!
Been there, done that ... Loooong day! Though it was nice to be in an environment where I at least am permitted to finalize a sentence before being cut off :P
Kitchen looks cool now. All dishes done. Yeah, yeah, I ought to get a dishwasher. .. On the other hand, what's the purpose?
- I'm not lazy - just have other priorities.
Got this new fragance from Spain. It's a Beckham though not moldy.

Saw that Kirsten Dunst won Best Actress for 'Melancholia' in Cannes ... Congrats! - No matter what people say, I like Lars von Trier. His Danish sarcasm probably isn't politically correct, but when he said that porn might not be one of K.D's core competences, I couldn't stop laughing.
Got a huge sack full of books from my mother. Intend to go through them all to pick what is of interest to me. The rest goes to Emily.


Operator! Give me the number for 911!!

Buzz, buzz! It's me .... Apologize for the lack of information the last couple of days. I'm deeply involved in a family visit. It's hard.
Went to see Emily and Fredrik yesterday. Very nice day. Had lunch at 'Barista' and went for some shopping. The weather was fantastic, and of course I remembered to bring my camera hrmp, hrmp :P

Street walking

 Ice-cream or hot-dog?

Emily and grand-mére

Fredrik, Emily and grand-mére shopping books

A lá Montmatre


Tomorrow it's back to normal ...
Anyway - The other day I bought a new dress, and yesterday I found a shawl that matches. I'll put up some shots for you tomorrow. Right now I'm being a bit busy elsewhere :D
Tiger does not appreciate his territory over-crowded with people. It confuses him. So last night he slept in my bed. He's never done that before, but I guess he was looking for protection ...