Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove

Hey there!
Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days.
Visit from home.
Been out most of the day today in the fabulous weather. We found a very pretty place where we've never been before. Very pitoresque.

It's my day off, and it sure is nice with an extra long weekend. Need that.
Was invited for a party tonight, but it's not possible for me to go when the family is here. Maybe next time :D ...
What to do? Hm ... Tomorrow off to see Emily and Fredrik. Tonight, dinner with the family.
... Oh, btw .... had a bit of luck today.... Found a last year-model on sale .... Will pic and put up later ....


If I don't get a large cup of coffee soon, the day will be unbearable

It's morning, isn't it??? - Yes, well - Good Morning!
Wednesday morning .... Halfway to heaven. Feels nice.
It's M day today. So the blog-updating will not be at the top. Apologizes!
Still have some things to fix - after fixing work. Bake, check corners for dust-rats, check bathrooms, remove all kinds of un-necessary stuff, tell Tiger to be good .... Pyhhh - I'm already exhausted, and it's only 6 am.

Well, Good Morning!

Coffee and off to work. Hoping the day will pass a little less hectic than yesterday. I really seem to forget time and place sometimes. Yesterday I was late for lunch .... AGAIN!!!!
Speaking about lunch: What do you eat for lunch?
- Most people around here grab a sandwich. I prefer a warm meal at noon. Today beef, potatoes and vegetables.
Emily will be around tonight. Look forward to that.

Tiger says

Wondering where the end of the rainbow is ....


I have multiple personalities. It might be one of me

Hey there!
How's your day?
Mine's fairly good. - At least better than yesterday. Which is a step up - or down. It's a matter on interpretation.
Rain's been on and off today, but right now the sun's shining.
We got an appointment for Tiger to see the vet. I bet that's why he behaves like he does. He's a Bengal! He can feel that something's gonna hit him next week. I'm sure of that.
My mother is staying with us for the next couple of days. She's arriving tomorrow night. Emily will be staying over as well. Nice!!!
Now dinner and relax. Need to get a news update. Got the latest news from Fabien this morning. The story is just getting more and more entertaining :D

I kinda fancy my small grass-free garden :P

A little ego goes nowhere

Uh .... Eh ... Good Morning, I guess!
Kick-starting and erasing yesterday from my mind. New day, fresh beginning.
Packing my flashy plastic bag with lunchbox and breakfast (chocolate dear! - Do not forget the chocolate!)
Fika day today. Hope that Bo remembers! If not ... Grrrrrrr!
Breaking News is still about Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest .... I'll get the lastest news from Fabien - who reads Le Monde. It's amazing. This man was supposed to candidate to become the next French president. .... ????
Need to get an appointment at the vet. Tiger has to get rid of his male instinct .... otherwise he will not be able to participate in the holiday adventures with Mitzi and Neija this summer.

Mitzi, Emily and Neija

Good Morning!


You can't scare me. I have children!

Good Evening!
How was your day?
Mine was .... eh .. uh ... interesting was the word I was looking for.
I feel a bit PMS-ed today actually. There are days where you can feel empathy for other peoples sad lives, and there are days where you can't. This was one of those days. - At least 3 times today an evil voice yelled in my ear "Get a life, get a hobby!" - but I managed to keep my mouth zipped. *Sigh*
Anyway - home, dinner digested. Now I R-E-L-A-X with a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate bite. - Come to think of it, that's the mistake I made this morning: I forgot to eat a chocolate bite. Had I done that in due time, my mental health would have been a whole lot less moody and more open to immaturity :P
- I'll doubble the ration - just in case xD

5(*~*) 4(^u^) 3(*u*) 2(-u-) 1(-_-) Good Morning!!

Uh .. uh ... That's right!!! A very Good Monday Morning!!!
There's a 50/50 chance that this day will end up being great! Let's go out into the real world and check how it feels.
A bit cold this morning, but nevermind. I plan to stay indoors all day anyway ......
Tiger's playing around with his rat. His favorite toy these days. He tosses around, rolls himself into the carpet, pretending that it's a real rat.
Breakfast and lunchbox in my high-fashionable supermarket plastic-bag. Umbrella - Yes or No????? Asch! Nevermind. A little rain never harmed anyone, and who know!?! It might have a positive effect of my ability to grow an inch or 2 xD
Now coffee while getting ready.
Have a fine day without too many obstacles.


If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.

Was listening to music with Tiger. He lying on the bed - me sitting on the floor. He fell asleep. I got a sore bum :P
Seems as if Mr. Blogspot finally handed back at least some of the posts he nicked from me. I'm still not pleased though. Think he behaved very thoughtless ... And I don't care whether he blame the system or not. Hate blame-games. It's immature.
Sweden and Finland are right now playing the World Champion Hockey final. I'm not watching it, but it seems as if everybody else in this community are. There are no cars and no people in the streets - just the roaring silence.
Actually I feel a bit akward, because not only I couldn't care less about a hockey match, I also skipped the Eurovision Song Contest final yesterday. I can't stand neither the music nor the horrible show.
My apologizes for offending anyone of you who treasure this ridiculous annual contest  ... I mean, let's face it... the majority of the contesters can barely sing, and the majority of the audience knows that ... The only reason why we watch the show, is because we deep down inside looove to see others make a fool of themselves. A win-win situation for anyone possessing just an ounce of masochistic humor. Which may well be about one billion of the world population, if the number of viewers of this show is correct.

So let me know if you think I missed something exciting :PTomorrow is another Monday. I hope that Bo will be back from his sick-leave.
I haven't quite decided what to wear. Most likely something purple. That's my favorite these days. Would like to wear a dress, but to be honest - 7 degrees is not my idea of summer. Someone temporary nicked it and sent us back to April again.

I'm not young enough to know everything

Easy dinner - omelette with nectarines and bread. Mm ...

Finsihed 'Das Buch Hitler' and is moving over to another book in that genre 'Bis zur letzten Stunde', the diary of Traudl Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries. I've read the book before, so it's basicly just a brush-up.

Yoko Ono has opened an exhibition at Wanås in Southern Sweden today. She will exhibit a total of 5 of her works

Now when done with all the must-do's, I intend to spend the rest of the evening in complete lazyness. Want to listen to music and read .... Maybe spoil myself with ice-cream and chocolate ....

Normal (adj)-the amount of dysfunction you can handle comfortably

Hey there!
How're you doing?
I'm finally done with the cleaning and sweeping. It took me 3 hours to get through the whole house in details .... Still need to do the dishes .. tstststs .... What a boring way to spend a Sunday.
Made me think of all the benefits of being a child ... Those were the days!!!!!

I feel I deserve a shower, a coffee and a cig ........

We will never see eye to eye, mainly because we are different heights

It's raining! ... Again .....
Listening to music and reading the news .... The main story is that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested ... Not for any economic crimes as I thought, but for sexual assault ..... What's wrong with people!?!
Tiger's been very naughty. He has scratched the wall-paper in the kitchen. He's never done anything like that before, so I warned him mildly .... Don't know why he suddenly did this. Maybe he was bored ....?!? - Or maybe it was his other half that took over .....

EGOS, whatever can we do about those pesky little bugs?

Good morning!
Hope your night was good.
I slept for 12 hours, and now my headache seems to be gone for good.
Was upp somewhere around 4 to feed Tiger. He woke me up a little harsh ... jumped from the floor to the bed, and accidently hit me in my face with one of his claws. So I have a physical evidence underneath my lip of his claw-step ....
Boring weather. Not cold, but grey. But I need to tidy up and prepare for my mother's visit, so perhaps it's just as good.
Gillmore Girls is on and thereafter - breakfast!