Old age is no place for sissies

... I was hungry. Nam, nam, nam ....

And then a little snack. I just know that Emily's gonna envy me this :P

Tonight 'Lewis', accompagnied by Ben & Jerry. The headache keeps coming back, so I need to relax and do as little as possible ....

Whoever put an S in the word "lisp" was an evil genius

Blueberry soup in the cup ... for the energy. Lemon curd instead of butter. Nutricious breakfast in the company with a good book. ... Come to think of it, since Mr. Blogspot swallowed some of my posts and refuses to spit them out again, you might have missed my latest iFool app - The iBook ...

.... Makes me feel really cool and trendy :P

being a brunette and having blond moments is multitasking...don't be jealous

Good Rainy Morning!
Hope you slept good.
I had a good, long, well-deserved sleep. Saturdays are made for powernapping.
The rain is still pouring down. I'm not complaining. .. Summer rain is cosy - and necessary. Everything turns even more green, and the earth smelling of green grass is a favorite.
Am forced to do a bit of domestic work today. ... My mother will be visiting me ....:P
She arrives on Wednesday ... The plans are so far a bit vague ....... Anyway - discovered much to my surprise that Thursday is a Holiday ... Nice!
Now time for breakfast and more coffee!


... you laugh cuz you think I'm kidding. I laugh cuz i know I'm not :P

When to Mr. Blogspot's help group forum, and there I see that I'm not the only one who has a problem  ... As a matter of fact, there are quite a bunch of angry people out there who would like to get back what Mr. Blogspot nicked ....
Now we also have a Twitter issue - but nevermind. Can't we just agree on the fact that the internet is overrated and overworked? I mean - after all, it is Friday 13th .......

Last day for the 8:19 pm experiment. It's done - was fun. ... Will have to find a new hobby ... Hm .. Something involving the camera of course ...... 

just wants to update her stalker... I'm at longitude 345789.24 & latitude 578754.70 and I'm cleaning my gun

Hey there!
Sorry for the lousy update. My stalker (named Blogspot Dot Com) was harassing me this morning.
Anyway - It's Friday ... and not just any Friday. It's also the 13th. I don't know about you, but I got pretty safe through the day. At least untill now :D
I actually had a very good day. The headache's almost gone, the weather is okay, work was more than good and Tiger's happy to see me. Look forward to 2 days where I don't have to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Naaaaajs!
Tonight 'Frost' and reading .....
Shall have a small talk with Mr Blogspot Dot Com btw, because not only is he a stalker - he also nicked my posts from the 2 last days. I'm actually pretty p@#ssed - sorry for my bad French! I intend to complain from here to eternity. That'll teach him a lesson.


If you can't keep an open mind then keep a closed mouth

Finally managed to update my iPhone with the latest software. That took forever! But now I'm officially able to download and install a coupple of 100 more apps that I probably don't really need :D
Made some changes and brought a new skincare line into my life. Will see if it lives up to the promisses ....

I've been testing the night version the past couple of days. It smells good, but not sure if it works any better than my 'old' L'Oreal Plumper stuff. ..... Who knows!?! It might contain some magical dust :P

Tiger's fooling around with his little rat, re-arranging the carpets in the livingroom. - Yesterday when husband came back from his trip and switched on the TV, there was nothing but snow on it. "Why did you change the channel-settings?" he wondered .... Well, I didn't (basicly because I don't use the livingroom) .. Tiger did - as it turned out. Because I found the antenna cable that's supposed to be inserted to the wall-outlet, lying lonely and ownerless underneath the tv-shelf xD ... Crazy cat .......

My dream job would be driving the karma bus

Hey there!
Hope you're good and that the day's treating you well.
Home after work and dentist. Spent some time in good company with a nice cup of coffee and delicious mint flavoured chocolate cakes. Yummi!

My plans for tonight are: Quick dinner and a good book. And then the bed. I feel like mashed potatoes inside my brain ......

Think the flowers look as if made of velvet. Love the color and shape!

Do not press Ctrl + w. You will not like what happens .....

I don't get it ... Why do you want to buy a Mac and then put Windows 7 on it? If you don't get along with Mac - why spend a castle, when you can buy a good Windows based pc to a reasonable sum of money and put the rest of the money on a 2-week trip to Paris?!?
Good Morning by the way xD
Spend the whole night philosophing over the Mac/Windows thing. Why? Because that's what I do in my sleep. Or scan pictures. I dream of scanners. It comes to me every early morning when my sub-conscious starts realizing that the c(h)atting leopardette is trying to get my attention. Weird. don't you think?
On my way ... Got lunchbox, breakfast and banana in the flashy, fashionable supermarket plastic-bag.
Another day at the races. Not a full day for me though. I've got an appointment with a dentist at 4.

This is yesterdays evening sky. 9:15 pm. It can make even the most acid citric in a very good mood


If life throws you lemons .... bring out the tequila!

... Unfortunately I don't have any tequila, just tea and coffee. ... Hm I guess I'll simply spice it up and add some chilli to it :P
Good Evening by the way :D
Long day!
I hope you had a pleasant one though.
The sun's been shining all day long. - Nice!
I didn't get enough sleep last night, so tonight I will definately tugg in no later than 10. Hope to get a good, long power-nap.
I simply can't remember what I did today ... Hmm .. got up and out in the big white world and then .... the rest has in a mysterious way been erased from my mind.
Come to think of the 'Interflora' slogan Say it with flowers ...

Achievements Zero
Feels like worn out apple mash
Intend to jump over, cutting corners
In desperate need of a hammock


Good morning!
Beautiful day. Was up at 3:30 but managed to sleep again till 5.
Almost ready for a new and much better day.
Seagulls are screaming in my ears. I'm outside, enjoying my coffee and a cig.
Shall just do my hair and find my lunchbox, before entering the real world. Has anyone checked the news? Has anything exciting happened? Any new revolutionary inventions? - No? Well, in that case, nevermind.
Have a good day!


Am in such a mood that I could piss off a happy meal.

Hey there! Hope you're enjoying your day!
I'm a born optimist. Wrote in my morning post that I would be on safe side in 10 hours and 15 minutes. So here I am 12 hours later. Sorry for the delay.
It's just been one of those days. I think we can say that I'm not loving it!
Dinner is on the stove. I'm hungry and not. Tired and not. Being flexible I could say, but then again ... maybe not.
Anyway - I have some things to do but need to eat first. That might make me see things in a different light. This day was busy and confused and full of blinking lights. And on top of that, I didn't manage to get everything done, which annoys me more than anything.
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to work .... huh!!!!
Taking 20 deep breaths before stuffing dinner in. Hope that will erase previous hours of this day .....

"Huh"? (my thought for the day)

Ehhhh ... Good Morning ... If it is good .... Haven't decided yet. Been up for the past 2 hours and am now on my way to work. Have no idea why. Mondays aren't my favorite days ... Ought to be a law against Mondays and we should all be officially excused and ordered back to bed.

Perhaps your view on Mondays is more positive than mine ... In that case, I'm sorry if I've offended you.

The good news is that the sun's shining and that the whole charade will be over in exactly 10 hours and 15 minutes. .....

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Think that housework is a pointless job. No one seems to notice, no one pats you on the back and says well done and everyone seems hellbent on wrecking your efforts

In a moment, time for 'Midsomer' ... Been reading most of the day and is halfway through my book. Wonderful. Unfortunately the weekend is coming to an end soon. I would like to expand it if in any way possible ..........
There's an ongoing territorial fight between the seagulls outside my kitchen window. They're funny birds. One of them is particular aggressive ... Wonder if that's the female with the eggs in the nest. Not able to tell the difference actually.
Tiger's playing with his rat. He's very annoyed with the fact that it refuses to obey ham xD
I have a habbit of reading while eating ... Not what I was brought up to do, but when on my own, I tend to do things that's considered to be out of bounds :D

Did we ever find out who let the dogs out?

Decided to leave The Book of Genesis and find something else. Last year I bought 'Das Buch Hitler' by German authors Henrik Eberle and Matthias Uhl. It is a book that contains a complete translation of the file about Hitler, ordered by Stalin after World War II. It's mainly based on the interrogations held with Otto Günsche and Heinz Linge, Hitlers adjutants, who was held in Soviet captivity after the war. Other senior military personnel in captivity, as for instans Field Marshal von Paulus, also contributed with written information for this 'portrait of Hitler'. The manuscript was then interestingly enough edited and 'modified' by the Soviet intellegence service, NKVD, before presented to Stalin.
It's an interesting document ... Very detailed of course ... Here and there it's quite obvious, that the document was edited by someone who serves other means, because the document uses phrases that a German officer would never have written. 

The weather is so nice. I've been sitting on the balcony for a couple of hours, reading and drinking tea. Soon time for dinner and more reading .....

God made me short so that when I get knocked off my pedestal it wont take me too long to hop right back up there

Dealing with the washing machine. Not my idea of interesting relationship. With all this cleverness in the fashion business it would be nice if someone could please introduce the washing-free underwear ..... Just a thought.....
Anyway .... Sun's still shining and it's getting warmer and warmer. Found a book that I haven't paid much attention to since I was 7 .... 'The Book of Genesis' with explanations to whatever it is I don't get. .... Did you by the way know that Adam at the age of 130 got his 3rd son, Set, and that he died at the age of 930. ..... Makes me wonder if it was something they ate ........

Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning

Good Morning!
Hope you slept well.
Some sunny day!!!!!
Blue sky and a big yellow sun hanging over my head.
I've got an appointment with a washing machine ... ts ts ts ... not a favorite date.
Gillmore Girls in half an hour and then off to this complicated and boring date *sigh*
.... More coffee and a cig!!!