The best art is created under repression, like Stalin's Gulag

Hey! - How are you?
 - Hope your Saturday is floating as it's supposed to do.
Been watching 'Lewis' and now returning to my book.
The birch outside my wondow is now in full blossom. I discovered it this afternoon. Isn't it beautiful? - Just love this light green color!

Realized that I haven't opened a single newspaper or checked the tv-news today. - Have I missed something important? - I doubt it ....
Speaking of Stalin. Did you read Aleksandr Isajevitj Solsjenitsyn (Алекса́ндр Иса́евич Солжени́цын)'s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich? Or George Orwell's 1984? - Both books open a whole new side of the concept 'repression'. It isn't about isms. It's all about pure and simple mind control, fear and lies. A little like the media's daily dose of intermidation .... Once you stop thinking, you just swim in the same direction as everybody else .........

I wonder how beer tastes with ice cream in it .....

Buzz, buzz!
I'm back!
Lovely day, ain't it?
Curtains hanging as planned. Sweeping maneuvers done (found traces of a dissaster under the carpet in the livingroom.... A stick with cleaning information that's supposed to sit underneath the carpet has in a mysterious way copied itself and is now being broadcasted from the floor. How did that happen?!?). Quick lunch in between - omelet with strawberries and bread. Nam, nam, nam.
Having a serious conversation with Tiger. He's a bit too interested in the curtains ... Aj, aj, aj!

naturally I thought they were referring to the Archduke. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Franz Ferdinand was the name of a very popular rock-n-roll band

Good Morning! - Or is it Afternoon?
Very lazy morning ... Slept till 11 and something. But now I'm out of zombie-mode and has entered the Let's-get-on-with-it-mode. Lovely day by the way. Sun's shining and it's 20 degrees. Warm winds sweeping over the street.

Enjoyed breakfast and 'When the kingdom fell apart and Bernadotte became king' by Herman Lindqvist. Read it several times, but the story still fascinates me.
Gonna hang up my new curtains in the kitchen ... and perhaps move over the floors with a sweeper. It is Saturday, so no reason not to make a good day out of it.
If you think I forgot about the 8:19 pm yesterday, you're wrong. I did not forget .....


I suppose it's a bit like going down a dark alley without a torch

Security copying all my pictures which takes an awful lot of time. Since I've experienced a breakdown of my pc harddesk twice, I'm not taking any unnecessary chances. It's both annoying and stupid to lose pictures because you THINK your pc will live forever and that virus was exterminated when we got access to the internet.
While doing that, I'm preparing delicious ice-cream - vanilla-strawberry and caramel with fresh strawberries, added some dark, soft chocolate. Yummi!

Not that I'm over it, but little by little it's getting easier to pretend it's easier, which means easier must be right around the corner

Hey there!
How are you doing?
Been out all afternoon, enjoying the weather and the sense of summer in the air. Went up to a lake with a thermos of coffee and dougnuts .... Listened to the birds twitter and the bees hum. Brought the camera of course, and got some nice shots of nature in blossom.
Dinner digested. We had minced meat sauce with mashed potatoes. Nam, nam. Bought strawberries, so tonight will be an evening with 'Frost', Ben & Jerry and red, glooming strawberries.
Also managed to find some new curtains for the kitchen area. There's so hot in the summer season, so I found some white ones facricated in fine cotton. Gonna hang them up later this evening or tomorrow .....

I have a gigantic bottle of vodka at my place - the largest bottle of vodka known to man

Good Morning! - Or should it be Good Friday Morning!?!
- It is Good Friday. Easter .... And in case you are a believer, this is the day Jesus died.
And it's morning - at least more morning that 4 am, where I was up for 10 minutes while feeding Tiger. Officially woke up 20 minutes ago, and am enjoying the first cup of coffee of the day, while keeping you posted.
Beautiful day! Sunshine, warm winds in the air. Birds singing, children playing outside. Indeed it is a very good Friday.
How do you celebrate Good Friday?
Danes celebrate with a fabulous lunch that includes 15-20 different dishes, beer and schnapps. Swedes throw themselves into different fishing activities. .... Traditions cannot be broken xD ... On a sunny day like this, I think I go the Swedish path, though I'm not actually fishing - just going out ....

In harmonia progressio

Buzz, buzz!
Splendid evening with the boys!
Came home a short while ago. We had so much fun, and the food was fabulous! I had salmon with orange barbeque. Nam, nam, nam! It was delicious! After that vanilla ice cream with chocolate and my favorite - irish coffee.

Here are a coupple of live shots from my iPhone camera

Fabien and Kim I

Kim P and Jens

Bo and Fabien

Fabien and Kim

Bo and Kim P trying to shoot a good picture. Kim I is speechless

Fabien, Kim I and Kim P

Me before


It's Being-hit-on-the-head lessons in here. - What a stupid concept!

How's your day?
Mine's going very well.
It's been a warm day. Sat outside for an hour, reading. Very relaxing.
Getting ready to leave. - Had a serious search going on for some new leggings I bought a couple of weeks ago. Can't remember where I put them. Searched all over the place. Nather! Eventually I gave up and found something else to put the legs in. D@#n! - The missing item will of course show up tomorrow and laugh at me. Grrrrr.
Will be back when I return tonight. Untill then: Enjoy!

I sort of implied that I’m fond of the Greeks, so I have to read the Iliad and the Odyssey so we can chat about it

Summer in the bedroom. Winter quilts packed ... They're too warm this time of year.
Tiger found a cosy place - my deskjet box is a nice place to hide ... "Meooow! - Get me my blanket mommy!" - Little Prince Charming!

A pair of seagulls are nesting on top of a chimney on the neighboring house. Resting in the sun, waiting for their eggs to hatch. Last year they took the ownership of the neighborhood and attacked anyone coming their way. I've seen big dogs run for their lives, scared to death by the seagull couple xD

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!

Good Thursday Morning!
I hope you slept well.
First day of my mini-Easter-vacation! Wonderful feeling!
Seems to be a nice, sunny day. The weatherman reminds us of the fire risk in forest and field because of the dry weather. Believe this could mark the beginning of the summer season.
Waking up with a cup of coffee. - What to do? Hm ... Nothing planned yet. Want to fix more flowers for the small outdoor living space. Play with Tiger and enjoy the day.
Tonight dinner with the boys. We're dining at
Kick Saloon. Never been there before, but everybody says the food they serve is excellent. Very cowboy-ish. .... Though I think I found something that I will be able to eat without too much trouble :P
Now more coffee and breakfast


I flipped through catalogs and wondered: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?

You probably experienced it as well ... Getting mixed up with another person. Confusing, annoying, upsetting, xxxing! Am I right or am I right?!?
 - Happened to me this week. Or was it last week ...? Nevermind what ever day it was. It just happened. Sat there, working like I always do (at least on weekdays), mentally preparing myself for the AM short-break. Then WHAM! Suddenly the alert window turns brown ... information vanishes. I restart the page ... still brown. I expand the page only to discover, I'm on a sick-leave. Surprise! How did that happen? - So I ask .. "Am I sick? - That's new to me ... Must be some sort of mistake." Of course it's a mistake. The patient is someone else with a name quite similar to mine. Gonzo! - My question is: How am I supposed to be me when writing my first name in 'sender' leaves you with two options, and I'm not the prefered choice? - I wonder .....

Here are the 8:19 shots of the day:

When deep space exploration ramps up, it'll be the corporations that name everything, the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks

Hey and Good Evening to you!
How are you doing?
First evening of my mini holiday! It's good to be xD
Nice day. Not too much work (actually very little). I would be a liar if I said it was a pitty :P
Tasted this peculiar Finnish dish today - 'mämmiä'. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good. Looks and tastes a lot like the Danish dish 'øllebrød' .... Cannot be translated into English .... sorry ... But this is 'mämmiä' ...

... and this is 'øllebrød' ....

... And of course I remembered to bring a little something for 'Fika' with me today for the Team. - Fika can be translated into 'a short unofficial break' - and for a break you need something good to put in your mouth. As in 'Cake' xD

'Fika' is a Swedish tradition ... So now we just need something Norwegian ... Hm ..... Ehhh .. Uhh .. Uh ..??? No! Sorry .. The head-office remains blank.....

The things you own end up owning you

Good Morning!How was your night?I slept good - from 10 pm to 2 am (when Tiger started using me as a bouncy mattress) and from 2:10 am untill 1/2 an hour ago. Nice! Now the day's first cup of coffee, leaving zombie-mode, entering last-day-at-work-before-Easter-mode xD
Working late shift, but that's fine. I enjoy the mornings and the extra time this gives me. Fika today guys! I shall remember. Must buy something I can eat as well .... Will see what the supermarket has to offer at this early hour.

There is a smell of rain. Not heavy, cats and dogs rain ... No. - Rain as in spring! Light and joyful - smells like wet sand. Love it!
Getting dressed and ready ... Then breakfast. Shall try with some good bread, some lemon curd and a glass of blueberry soup.

Wish you a wonderful day!


Ignotum per ignotius

Have invited myself on a cup of coffee and some delicious, soft chocolate with marzipan and creamy nougat that's melting in the mouth. Yummi!!! Tiger would like a bite, but that's a no-no. I usually give him a little bit of melted ice cream, but pets should not eat human candy. It ruins their digestive system and can make them really sick. Instead I gave him some cat-candy that he likes. Biscuits with chicken and cheese.
Husband says that Tiger's been bitter all day long. Tiger himself expresses dis-satisfaction with the food he was served today. Believe it was duck. And apparently it doesn't give him a thrill .... Fish for tomorrow Tiger. I promise! - Tail applauses with a BIG A .....

Today's 8:19 shot of the tree reminds me of a painting .... The sky looks like a fantasy ... spooky and mysterious .......

There are times in your life when you have to do ridiculous things for money

Hey there! How are you? I hope life's treated you well today.
A bit chilly here, but the sun's been shining most of the day, so just another April day xD
I'm getting better a long with my new teeth today than yesterday. No pains, just a slight soreness, but I'm sure that will pass in a couple of days. I managed to eat some rice, an omelet and some bread today. And drink a lot of ICE-COLD water. That helps :P
Apologizes for missing my fika day dear Team! I'll make it up to you tomorrow. I totally forgot everything about it (wrong priorities I guess) - however - tomorrow is a new day :D

I'm alive, but I think my brain is dead

Uhhhh ... Good Morning!
Slept well. Did you?

Sun's shining and seems to be happy today as well .... Oh, just spotted a big, grey cloud ... Hm.
Still feels weird with the teeth ... Let's see if I can get myself through the day whithout too much talking, because that is difficult xD
Went to bed early and slept like a rock. As if someone hit me with a bat. Woke up at 3, fed Tiger, went to bed again and slept for another 2 hours.
Preparing myself for a new day at the races... Only 2 days this week due to the Easter holidays. Have you made any plans? I plan to simply relax and spend time at some outdoor activities. Dinner Thursday night with the boys. Looking forward to that.
Enjoy your day!


People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived

Hey, hey!
I hope you're doing well.
Feeling's getting back in my face. Had to swallow a painkiller though, and it was stressfull to eat. I managed an omelet, but had to skip the bananas .... Shall try with some bread a little later .... Eating feels weird right now...... Cannot put my finger on it .... Needs to be patient and allow things to simply adjust ...... Lower down the expectations.
According to the weathergirl, it's gonna be minus degrees tonight, so I have to remember to bring in the flowers. Otherwise they'll freeze to death, and that's not an option.
April is indeed the month for all weather types: snow, rain, sun, heat, cold - you name it - April's got it all xD

Gonna listen to some music. Haven't quite decided what I feel for yet ... Manson is too complicated today ... Need something light and cheerfull ... Hm .... Classic heavy metal might be the solution ......

Despite of everything, 8:19 experiement has not been put on hold .... I give you the shots of the day


I have multiple personalities. It might be one of me

Home again! Face stiffened into a mask because of all anesthetic. Tried to smoke. No go. Have to wait an hour or 2. It didn't actually hurt - except when being injected. This little stick with a needle - I thought I was gonna faint. Anyway - it's done, and it looks very nice. I'm numb, so it's impossible for me to tell you how it feels right now. ....... I'm desperate for caffeine - but that's no go either ....

We are consumers. We're the bi-products of a lifestyle obsession

Hey there!
How are you doing?
Preparing myself for the dentist visit - mentally and physically. Brunch including coffee, juice, biscuits and chocolate .... Yummi! Need to make sure that the stomach is full enough for the next 5-6 hours, since eating will be out of bounds within a significant time-scale.
Emily messaged me on fb - she got a B for her report, which means that her final grade for this year will be B. - That is very, very good! I'm so proud of her! Congratiolations Princess!

Picture borrowed from Emily's blog. Copyright by Emily Mikkelsen.

Inhale the damage smoothly. Paradise isn't lost. It was hiding all along

Good Morning!
How was your night? Slept well? Good. Then what stops you from fully enjoying the day?
It's my day off - to see the dentist again .... I'm curious and yet calm. Ought to be scared, but that feeling hasn't got the grip on me - at least not yet.
Checking the news ... Someone was shot somewhere around here .... Sad story.

Sun's up .... Seems to be a warm day again today ....


You're an unmarked car! I can't remember where I parked you!

Hope you enjoy what's left of your Sunday.
I am. Was tipped off by Emily to watch a programme about the actor Morgan Alling and his childhood. - A very interesting programme that I can only recommend. - Thank you for the tip, Emily!
As you can see, I've made some changes on the blog. I thought it would be a good idea to put up all the pics from my little experiment side by side for you to see the actual transformation. You find the new pages I add to the blog on in the top of the blogsite.
Of course I'll still show you the result for the day in the daily post, so here are the 8:19 pm of the day:

You're a flower that's withering. I can't feel your thorns in my hand

Buzz, buzz!
What are you doing?
I'm baking bread. We haven't had any dinner yet, because the pre-dinner snack we had several hours ago, was sort of huge. None of us are hungry - yet. Time will show if the smell of fresh-baked bread will get a hungry stomach to yell.
Listening to Manson ... It's been a while ...... Best choice: Eat me, Drink me ..... Illusions are what you think you hear and see

If we were gazelles, we’d be the first ones eaten at the watering hole

Hey there!
How are you doing?
I'm good, thank you!
Back after a cosy vist at Emily's. The weather is so nice today. Sunshine and warm. We had coffee and chat at Emily's terrace. So nice. Plenty of new shots of the 3 princesses, Emily, Mitzi and Neija .... ♥♥♥ It was of course wonderful to see Emily again. Fredrik will come home late this evening, so unfortunately we didn't get to see him today. Hopefully next time!

On our way home, we decided to make a stop or a pre-dinner snack: Sandwich with eggs and shrimps - and a bottle of rasperry soda. Nam, nam, nam. Coffee outside at the diner's terrace, enjoying the sun.
No IKEA today ... Buuhh!  ..... Well, well, some other day .... IKEA ain't gonna shut down within the nearest future xD
Apart from the shots of my girls, I got some really good shots as well of a beautiful spot not so far from home ....

I'm running out of French curse-words that they won't understand

Uh .. uh .. Good Morning! - I think ....
Up with the cat and ready to leave. Showered, haired-up, made-up, dressed-up, breakfast digested, 3rd cup of coffee's on the table, Tiger's been feed - twice. Now he's in candy-mode, not at all satisfied with the fact that he's to spend Sunday on his own.

Emily's waiting, and I can't wait to see her .... And Mitzi and Neija naaaaarw .... Wonder if Fredrik's still on the road!?!
Chop, chop .... Will catch up with you!