Is there a problem? - Nothing Shakespeare couldn't turn into a really good play

A very Good Evening to you!
Watched 'Lewis' and as always, it was a pleasure. The characters and the plot exquisite, the scenes brilliant. Just love that series.

Ben & Jerry brought a new taste into our lives. With caramel. Yummi! - Tiger says "Meoooow" and licks his nose that was smeared in delicious ice cream from his share xD
Tomorrow planned visit at Emily's. Looking forward to that. I hope the weather will be as sunny as today. That will give us a chance to take coffee outside. - Hm ... need to think out which dress to wear ... Spring season marks the end of the jeans season ... Perhaps my petrol blue will do??? - Need to bring the camera in case we drive the pretty way instead of the highway. There is a place with a spectacular view of the foaming river surrounded by mountains. Beautiful and breath taking.

8:19 pm today

There's absolutely nothing positive going on anywhere in the world. How could that be?

Google Translation bar keeps on annoying me. Danish papers being translated into English, English sites into Swedish et cetera, et cetera. - Tell me who came up with this tool and I'll make sure not to invite the sinner to my birthday.
'Lewis' starting at 8. Look forward to that and to Ben & Jerry, added some delicious apricots. Yummi.

But not to worry. I'm not gonna forget my experiement. Takes place as scheduled at 8:19 this lovely evening.
Here's a tasty 'Lewis' appetizer. Enjoy!

The government says you should have nine servings of fruit and vegetables per day. Imperialist propaganda

Sweeped the floors and swopped the balcony. Transformed it into an out-door spot where you can relax and breathe. Now everything looks nice and tidy. Next step is dinner preparations. Omelet and Ben & Jerry's for dessert.
Tiger's enjoying the sun. He love's being outside, sniffing daffodils and observing the birds. Plenty of things going on that a little cat must investigate ....

Would love to have a mini lilac here - even though the blooming period is very short. Hm ... To be considered ...

You sure you don't want some tea? Tea usually makes things like this a little less awkward. There's things to hold and stir

What a fabulous weather it is today! Warm and sunny. As in 'Spring'. Hard for me to pull myself together and get started with the things I'm supposed to do ....
Sat outside on the balcony a while ago, thinking that I ought to sweep it over with some water and good smelling chemical, buy flowers and plants and find some sort of small table to put out there. You know, just in case one wants to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of cold juice or water .... IKEA is calling for me ... Husband refuses to go there tomorrow ... But Hey! that's tomorrow. Plenty of time left to smooth-talk.
Look so much forward to see Emily. It's been too long .....

The closer the faith, the closer the Devil

Good morning!
Hope you slept well!
Sorry for the lousy updating, but I was so tired yesterday, that I fell asleep while watching 'Frost' ... Should probably have avoided the vertical position when in sleeping mode :P
Anyway .. Woke up half an hour ago and is now trying to pull myself together and move from zombie to normal. Get myself some breakfast and get on with the must-do stuff .....
You thought I forgot all about my little experiment?!? Of course not.
8.19 pm, April 15:


According to Darwin it's what a billion years of life is all about: survival of the bastards

Buzz, buzz! Happy Friday!
I hope you are enjoying the day! - I'm happy! Love weekends!
Something's odd going on with this blog and Google and all other pages I look for: All insist on translating everything into Danish ... *sigh* ... Stop that! I don't want to write or read in Danish on the internet - unless of course I specifically ask for a Danish languaged page! This little Google bar on top of the pages explaining to me that "This page is in English. Translate it with help from ... bla, bla, bla" is ridiculously annoying! It automatically translates everything into Danish - even my posts. Grrrrrrr!
I want to execute that bar for good, but apparently the little bugger has an ugly habbit to survive .......


Perhaps I'll make you disappear

Managed to make someone seriously upset for writting in Swedish in a reply to Emily on my status update at fb. So the person unfriended me in fury. But bullying me on my fb page - or anywhere else for that matter - for my language skills is not an option.
Originally this was a friend of Tiger, but dear you, if you don't accept Tiger's mom as she is, Tiger prefers to terminate the friendship. Underestimating a cats feelings is a very dumb idea. So Tiger says "Bye, bye ex-friend. Enjoy your life in the stratosphere with what's left of your 36 facebook friends" :P
I'm on my little experiment that started yesterday, and snapped them at 8:19 pm sharp ....

I love the colours of the sky. It's so beautiful! - And so different from yesterday. Even though it's the same motives, I do see the difference.

Hey, Fabien! I tuned in on a mastercook programme on tv. They were making Tarte tatin, but they didn't look as tasteful as the ones you make. Not even close xD

Let's go eat... see if we can figure out a way to salvage my future as a groupie

How are you?
Who, me? - Oh, I'm good. Thank you!
It's a beautiful day, it's a beautiful day and tomorrow it's Friday, an even more beautiful day :P
Dinner digested .... omelet with fresh fruit. Yummi!
Long day, by the way. Opened the frontdoor at 7 this morning. Re-opened it shortly after 6. Busy though efficient. That's what a day's supposed to be, ain't it!?!

Have no idea what's going on in the outside world. Inside it's cosy and calm. Checking mails and reading blogs ... Enjoying my free time.
Have successfully talked husband into a trip to Emily's on Sunday .... The IKEA issue is ongoing - getting closer to a 'Yes', I'm feel xD
Now over to music!


This is gonna be the Vanity Fair paper cut incident all over again, isn't it?

I've been thinking: What happens if I every day at the exact same time take a photo of the exact same motive? Hm ... Challenging experiment. Checking it out at 8.19 pm, using my Canon digital Ixus 8015 .....

Shall be interesting to see the changes of the light and contrasts in the motives from day to day over a period of a month ....

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a documentary about Sabere and her little sister from Afghanistan. - Poor, Afghan women are being sold to wealthy older men as slaves. Some of them escape. Others live a tough life in captivity.
Here's the link to the documentary, filmed by Nima Sarvestani.

I'm so sleepy this evening. Ought to fix the dish in the zink. Have no energy. All I want is lay down and close my eyes and fall into a sleeping beauty slumber .... ZZzzzZZZZZzz

You know what hurts? Having a screwdriver jammed in the side of your head

Good Evening!
Hope your day's been good! Nice weather today!
Husband's back home again. I shopped some goodie, goodie stuff for him to enjoy througout the evening. He's been on the road for 11 hours, so he deserves to be spoiled.
Need to catch up with everything I missed today - haven't had any time to check the news .. Have absolutely no idea if any new wars have started during the day ...

Eating pancakes ... Yummi! I like.


I've always thought 'easy' is completely overrated

Buzz, buzz!
How're you doing?
Did I mention that Fabien had 3 huge Tarte tatins with him today. Divided into 5 that is - a lot of cake xD

Here's the recipe - after a nice trip through the Google Translate mixer (I was lazy - sorry):

Tarte tatin:

Preparation: 30 min

Baking time: 40 minutes

Ingredients (for 6):

- 8 yellow apples golden
- 1 roll of puff pastry (ready-made or homemade)
- 2 packets vanilla sugar
- A small cinnamon
- 100 g butter
- 100 g caster sugar


Peel the 8 golden apples. Cut them in half and remove the core without breaking the halves.
In a nonstick round pan, melt the butter directly on the fire.

Add sugar in the dish and reduce heat till it turns into caramel.

Place apples in a ring replenished in the pan, put one or two in the middle.

Flatten with a spatula occasionally, apples are poached in caramel, which must not become black, but just barely golden.

Sprinkle apples with vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Remove from heat and cover everything from puff pastry and press it around the edges.

Place in medium oven for 35 to 40 minutes.

Serve warm.

Have done my weekly duty and cut Tiger's claws. Little man is now sincerely upset with me. I doubt we will make friends again for the rest of this day.

I also ironed the t-shirt I plan to wear tomorrow. Noticed the delicious scent of 'Aroma Therapy with essential oils ylang ylang and lavender' ... Fabric softener, but 'fabric softener' does not tend to have quite the same sensational appeal to consumers as 'Aroma Therapy with essential oils ylang ylang and lavender' presumably has.

Please erase this from your brain

.... Checked my iPhone and saw 6!! missed calls and 9 text messages! All coming from numbers completely un-known to me..... Checked on the internet and what do I see??? You're right .... Sales representatives ringing me to get me to buy something. - One of the numbers belongs to a boatyard. Ehh ... Okay??? You want to sell me a boat? Not exactly dazzling my interest .... I wonder if someone accidently mixed my humble person up with a millionaire? - Can't think of any other logical explanation ...... And while we're at it: A subscription on 'Watchtower' is also way out of bounds.

Why stop the habits of a lifetime?

Hey there! How are you today?
- I'm good. Thanks for asking.
Rainy and grey, but I like rain ... Smells like spring ....

Every day when entering the frontdoor to our appartment, I literally have to climb over the huge pile of brochures that's been delivered ... When I think of it - summing up over a year - it's no longer a pile of brochures - it's developed into a forest. I don't get it. Why all this talk about preserving Earth, saving the rain-forest, minimize pollution etc., when it's presumably okay to cut down every damn tree in the forest to produce tons of brochures that we never read?!? - Seems to me that this has gone to the extreme. Somebody's making a Rolls Royce here .... Think about that!


Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it!

Buzz, buzz! How's your evening?
Mine's a bit disturbed. I needed to take a trip around my own personal accept-what-you-can't-change U. Once you hit the bottom - you accept ... I'm there now.
I worry about my little girl. Vickie is sick - I know that and I've known that for a long time. The exact diagnose is not clear. I had hoped it would be that by now. But no. I would like to be there for her. But she's in a state where she believes that she can handle the difficulties on her own, and I can't do anything about it. I think her dad has managed to convince her, that it is a good idea that we at least gets the opportunity to speak to the doctors and get the necessary information. It's the uncertainty that's difficult to handle. Facts is knowledge - and once you have the facts, you can deal properly with your knowledge. I want to know.

I sat for a while outside and watched the evening turn into twilight .... it has a calming effect on me and my inner thoughts .....
I brought the camera with me and want to share the beauty with you

Overvalued! Overblown! If he only knew the you that we know!

Good Evening!
I hope your day has been well. Mine's been fairly good. Long - but good.
Came home an hour ago and finnished dinner, c(h)at with Tiger Busig. Now I finally have a little time over for myself.
It's been such a nice weather today. Warm and sunny most of the day. Hopefully it will last the rest of the week.

What have you been up to?
- Strange day in many ways, but then again - Monday is the first day of the week. Need to get started and come to acceptance of the reality xD
Haven't had any time to update myself on news or anything yet. You're probably more well-informed than I am ....
And no .. Alas .. Vickie will not visit me this time either. Maybe later this month ??? - I hope. ......

The daffodils are blooming in my window ......


One thing is certain: In omnia paratus

Watching 'Midsomer'. Unfortunately I've seen this episode far too many times ...... so on and off. - Tea and biscuits ... feel very English xD - It's Russian Blue. Not as good as Russian Black though. Emily wants a new camera. The one she has now is getting old and pictures get dark in the wrong way. A Nikon D3100 is what she's fallen for .... That's a step up.
Just now I've got the word that Vickie might be coming home on Thursday. I hope she will, but shall not have too many expectations before she's actually here.
Husband's been at my dad's all weekend, preparing the garden for the summer season. You know, cutting the roses and bushes et cetera. That's something I really miss. Blooming flowers in April ..... We don't have that here ... The grass is still yellow as hay in September ....
When promenading to the supermarket yesterday, I used the shortcut path behind our house, and for the first time since November, I was able to put my feet on soil ... though the main ingredients of this 'soil' was dead, brown leaves and tree stumps - leftovers from the birches someone so thoughtless cut down last autumn.
Outside my window is a huge birch. I look at it everyday, checking for signs of leaf budds .... Soon. Very soon ....

Oh, uh, well, there's always an up-side to every down-side, isn't it so they say?

Buzz, buzz!
How are you?
Enjoying your Sunday?
I know that I am.
Listening to music - Axel Rudi Pell - and enjoying the evening .....

Tomorrow is a new day at the races. Early shift, which is kind of good, because early shift means early off xD ...

It's strange. because everytime I put on a cd, Tiger wants to hugg and kiss and crawl around on me. Not sure if he can feel or hear the rythm or what it is. Perhaps music makes him playfull.... Wonder if Google can give me a true answer to this question? - Nope - seems as if it is not possible to get a straight answer to my question. Too philosophical perhaps!?!

Are we hypnotised
Seeing shadows in the air
The world of lost horizons
The devil's in despair

Are we strong enough
To climb up to the sky
The wizard of the holy
Is strong enough to fly

The moon was rising
With his power shining bright
The heat from down under
From the curse that wasn't right
Not right

Tear down the walls
As the moon eclipsed the sun
Tear down the walls
The temple's left undone
Tear down the walls
The lonely on the run
Tear down the walls
The lightning strikes the sun
Tear down the walls

Can we open our ears
And hear the voices are calling
They're calling out your name
It's not the end of the game

Are we fools enough
To cut the edge of the rainbow
We're running out of time
Are we evil or divine

Psst! Hey! I think you dropped something!

Hey again!
Not only does it smell like rain - I think it's raining on and off. ... Tiger and I are indoors cosying, c(h)atting and playing pawball with a white softball :D
I found the documentary that I mentioned last night - the one about the City of the Dead in Cairo. Rewatching it and giving you the link as well.


Enjoy! It's very interesting!

Get those corsets laced properly! I can hear you speak without gasping!

Laundry done! Thank you!
Documentary about Joan Rivers .... I don't know what to think. I mean - she's 75 years old. Her voice sounds like a 75-year old woman. She moves like a 75-year old woman. But her whole face has been re-made..... It looks weird. Not convincing in any way .... Oh, and she has a Michael Jackson nose. What a shame ruining a pretty face like that .......... I would sue the one responsible for the lousy job, had it been me.

Why are we so focused on keeping our youth? Why are we afraid of aging? Every age has its charm. Pretending to look much younger than you are is not charming. By doing so, you expose yourself as an insecure, frighten human being attempting to fool yourself.

I remember something about Rome. Rome. Rome. Romans live there. Audrey Hepburn took a holiday there. It's the name of a B52s song

Hey there!
Done with Gillmore Girls and laundry's on. Glad it's just something I do when husband's not here. I hate laundry work. Yak!
Now listening to the choir contest from yesterday. Great songs!
Of course our local team is still in xD


Cosy day, though grey. Smells rain in that nice, quiet way.
Lots of people don't eat any breakfast. I don't understand how it's possible to function without a nutricious breakfast. I always eat a solid breakfast. If not, I would not be able to get through the day.
Blueberry soup is for energy. There's a lot of vitamins in it. I drink it cold ..... I digest at least 4 slices of bread - preferably baked by myself. And drink orange juice and coffee of course. Sometimes even fresh fruit and some dark chocolate (for the spirit - psycological factor).
Baking your own bread is easy and with a proper baking machine, it doesn't consume a lot of time .....

There seems to be a law that governs all our actions so I never make plans

Good morning!
It smells like rain ....
Slept well. Too well perhaps, because Tiger's been having a lot of fun, and I haven't noticed anything .... He's been sitting on my little chest of drawers, playing with some candles, re-decorating everything xD
Gonna make myself some breakfast now and open the Daily wailing .....
Gillmore Girls a little later and ... Oh, yes ... and do the laundry I guess *sigh*

So as a tribute to my memory, you open this... this Chinese nookie factory?

Good Morning - or is it Good Night??

I like documentaries. And there is a tv channel that primarily focuses on documentaries; The Knowledge Channel. Tonight I tuned in to watch a documentary about The City of the Dead in Cairo, Egypt. One reason for me to watch was because I've been there. It was a long time ago, but I remember how stunning this place was. It's full of beautiful mausoleums from the Marmeluk Sultanate era where the cemetary was established, but even today it's used as a graveyard. However, it is also the home of hundreds of thousands of poor people, many of them refugees from the canal zone. Noone really knows how many people living there. Maybe half a million, maybe 2 millions. But those who do, have taken over the grave tombs and live their lives as one would do in any residential area. When the owners of the grave tomb wishes to visit their dead family members, they must pay their respect to their dead in a strangers bed- or living room. Bizar .... however poverty drives people to the edge, and everybody needs a shelter.
I don't have any photos from this place myself (as I was strongly adviced not to bring my camera there), so I googled for you .....

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