I've only got three blokes who can barely stand up, let alone chase a box of black magic!

Watching 'Lewis', sipping coffee with new-baked bread filled with chocolate, appricots, raisins, lemon and apples.Yummi!
Wind's calming down at last. Tiger's been naughty. He left a coupple of bullets right beside where he's supposed to leave them :P - Accidents happen ... and anyway, he's not doing it on purpose .....

It took me two seconds to tell you I don't care, that's as quick as I get

I almost forgot that today is April, 9. Marking the 71st anniversary of the German occupation of Denmark that lasted for 5 long years.
Light up candles in memory of this. Passionfruit scent fills the room .....

Do you ever feel like our whole lives have been planned out for us?

Hey there! I'ts me buzzing you again!
How's your Saturday going?
Mine's been pretty good so far.
Done with housework, feeding Tiger, reading, baking and the most important supermarket-shopping.
It's warm outside - well, at least warmer than last month :D
But it is sooo windy!!! Cool down now! Please !?!
Sipping coffee, making plans for the evening. In a little while omelet with bananas, strawberries and other frozen fruits. 'Lewis' is on tonight - and the choir contest of course. And a chat with Emily. Maybe a good movie ... will see where mood takes me.

Good! Things were getting a little dull around here

If you wanna file a complaint on facebook - say you wanna ask the administrators why they came up with the idiotic idea that your blog is offensive or abusive - who to contact? Do you send a letter to Mark Zuckerberg? - And who is he to judge? I mean, his reasons for creating facebook in the first place were abusive. .....
- Did you notice how I excluded the big letter 'F' when writing facebook? Just being a bit sarcastic ... facebook is like '1984' .. It's fun for a while ... untill you realize that it's not only taking over control. It ends up being your moral keeper the Zuckerberg way .....

Maybe if musicians got off their blogs and picked up their guitars, the music business would be in better shape

Good Morning!
Full storm! Wow! Hope whoever blows finds something better to do as soon as possible, because the day is made for outdoor activities. Sun's shining and it is plus degrees. So, I'm not asking for much, but can we get a little perspective here, mr Blow!
Someone with a good singing voice on tv. Lipstick Jungle I believe ... Not much of a fan, but the song's good.

I have a little situation with facebook. Apparently facebook spy took a sneak-peak on my blog, and decided it was too offensive for facebook, so I'm no longer aloowed to add the blog on facebook the direct way. Need to go around the gossipper and do the copy/paste manouver. ..... Wonder what it is the holy facebook doesn't appreciate about my blog? 


And the apocalypse is this week? Next week?

Watching Frost.
What are you doing?
I like Frost. He's cool. And nice.
Tiger found a new toy. A sting hanging from a blinder xD He's been playing with it for the past hour. ...
Emily is looking for a new camera to replace the one she has now. Not just any camera. Did I mention that she is a very skilled photographer? She takes extremely good photos. - I adviced her to check with Chris and his friends to see if any of them has a good camera over that she can buy for a reasonable price.

I have discovered that I need to by another deodorant asap tomorrow. I can smell myself. •ิ.•
Will check around to see what inspires my nose. Something floral perhaps ...?

Sell it on the Internet, make a fortune

A very Good Friday Evening to you!
I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.
Good day .. Good company ... Good people ... Lots of laughs .... Good solutions .... All in all - I'm happy!
Remember I told you that sun was in East this morning. It was. Untill the moment I opened the front door. Then Sun turned into snow. So arrived at work covered in snow hehehe ... Anyway it melted again within a few hours. The sun is now in West. Beautiful!

Lunch from the local hamburger bar. Second time this week. No more junkfood the rest of the week. - Except for the chocolate pancakes I happened to drop in the shopping basket ... Oops! :P
Now moving my body to the kitchen area for dinner preparation.

Okay, come on now, let's rock. One, two, three...

Uh ... Uh ... Good morning! - I think?
Not awake yet ... Slept hard like a rock. Tiger's eating his second meal of the day. Pre-breakfast was served I think at 2 - or was it 3? Don't really remember. I'm in zombie-mode .......
- Hey! It's FRIDAY!!!!! Beautiful day! Sun in the East, a little bit chilly, but very nice morning.
Slowly getting started. Showered and washed my hair. Now time for dress-up and make-up and breakfast. Gotta eat more than I did yesterday. I got too hungry too soon after having my breakfast.

Invited for a small meeting today .... Not 100% sure what it is about ...
Decided to skip the pre-cooked lunch and go for a hamburger. Less coffee - more colesterole :P
Wish you all a pleasant and joyful day!


My excitement must be clouding my ability to judge comedic hyperbole

Watching 'You are what you eat' .... Wow! This girl has gone up 27 kilos in 10 years. When seeing what she eats I understand why, but it's amazing how anyone is able to eat so much! It's such a shame ... she has a beautiful face. Imagine how beautiful she will be when changing her eating habits!
It got me thinking of the amount of coffein and nicotin plute my body with. Hm ... I tried to count how many cups of coffee I drink during a day. I lost counting after 7 cups. I know exactly how many cigarettes I smoke, but coffee? Pjuh! I'm sorry to say - I'm out of control. Doesn't really matter how healthy I eat - how much fruit and how many vegetables I eat every day ... As long as I drink coffee and smoke, I'm doomed.

Tiger is writting this post with me. he's so funny ... paws everywhere hahahaha! Apologize for the bad spelling-:)

Everything in this room is eatable, even *I'm* eatable! But that is called "cannibalism"

A very Good Evening to you!
Hope you had a pleasant day so far.
I'm good - thank you! Long but good.
Been talking to a lot of people today and done some pretty good work. Efficiency Dr. Watson. Efficiency. The road to survival :P
Tiger Busig is chatty. He just finished his dinner. Now playing is a must.
When I left this morning it was raining. Now it's extremely windy, but I did see a glimpse of the sun ... It's April. Nothing more, nothing less.

In desperate need of something to eat. Gonna make a couple of sandwiches and a cup of tea. Stomach's a bit confused today. 4 bananas digested. Don't be surprised if I turn in a monkey!

Do you believe in destiny?

A very Good Morning to you!
Hope you slept well.

It's raining this morning! Cats and dogs .... I love it!
Preparing myself for a day at the races. Hoping for a peaceful day though. I woke up feeling more tired than I was when I went to bed .... Not sure if that's a good sign .....

Enjoying the days first coffee. Getting on with my wake-up, make-up and dress-up!
Wishing you a perfect day!


Perfection is not just about control. It's also about letting go

Time for me to lay my head on the pillow and close my eyes. Tomorrow is another day at the races.
Sum of this day = Fairly good
 ... Beautiful weather ... Teeth topic is coming to an end .... Good book ... Good laughs ... Too little c(h)at with Tiger (sorry baby-man ... I'll make it up to you tomorrow) ... Tea in the cup (good for my health) ... Spoke to Vickie ... Spoke to husband ...  .... Uh yes ... not to forget: Emily ows me a big fat Easter Egg filled with delicious candy. That's 2 Bunny Eggs earned .... Not bad! Not bad at all! 

One of the photos from today has been shipped through the Old Pro Photo app. Reminds me of a previous life .......

How embarrassing... a house full of condiments and no food

Hey there!
How's your evening going?
Half-way through my book ... sipping coffee while writing this post.
Usually I bake my bread, but today I made an exception. My dentist has his practice in a very small town appr 20 km from here. Having some time over, I decided to do the shopping locally. Turned out to be a very good decision, because there I found a fabulous, local made, dark apricot-raisin bread that tastes sooooo good! Already digested half of it .... Need to cool it, because it does have a melody effect inside the stomach :P
Now back to my book!

The things you own end up owning you

The book I bought is written by Lena Sundström, Swedish journalist and author. Love her books, because of her witty pen. This book - "The Happiest People in The World" - is about my native country, and the title is of course a sarcastic joke. The book deals with integration, the Danish interpretation of the concept freedom of expression, the less jovial caring for others and our fear of being engulfed by 'the others'. ....
Lena moved to Copenhagen for 3 months to find out if we Danes really are the happiest people in the world, or if it is a myth. She pin-points several things that I too have experienced on my annual holiday trips 'home' .... But she points them out in such a sharp but humorous way, that a true Dane has got to surrender....

When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake

Hi there.
Back again from the dentist. Next visit is in 2 weeks - and it should be the final.

What a fantastick weather. I was wearing too much clothes actually. It's 15 degrees and the sun is shining. Beautiful! I sat outside, while waiting for the bus, in the sun, reading a very humorous book I bought. It was so nice.
I took some photos with my iPhone from the bus ... Should give you an idea about the wonder of nature

One step closer to economic equilibrium

This is one occassion where I don't show up with my face done. It doesn't feel right lie in a dentist chair, getting totured, wearing make-up. I visualize cracky foundation and smeared eyeline ... Frankenstein's Monster en miniature :D
The sun is peeping out .... think this day will offer us everything good that nature has to give.
Reading the Daily Wailing *sigh* ... Prohibiting sms-ing and mobile talk when driving your car is the hot topic of the day. I don't think it's okay to sms or fible with your mobile phone when you drive. However, prohibition leads nowhere. Opening that debate is like opening a pandora's box. Next thing will be a ban on naughty kids in the backseat of the car (it interrupts with your ability to concentrate). Or how about prohibiting plastic cups from Q8 or eating in the car. I mean - get a grip! People do every
f#@&ing thing you can imagine in their cars..... Perhaps the easiest solution is simply to prohibit cars!?!
That's gonna save society a buck or 2. No more involment in conflicts in oil-producing countries. Our health will improve, pollution will be reduced etc. - On the other hand a lot of fitness centres will go bankrupt, unemployment rate will increase at hospitals and within traficpolice force, emergency service, the army, the news business and other businesses that profits from car accidents, wars - you name it!

Sounds like something that could create other, untested conflicts in the future. Wouldn't that be exciting?!? ......

If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

Good Morning!
Slept well? - I did off and on. Something's annoying my subconscious, so I woke up with a headache. ... need a coffee and a tablet to cure ..... Looks like rain .... Cosy.
It's my day off ... and away for the dentist. Not sure if pain concerns only the mouth or even the wallet :D
Buss leaves at noon and hopefully it will just be 1-2 hours in vertical position.
Have you been out today? - Feels pretty warm, don't you think? Look forward to get rid of boots and stick my feet in more feminine looking shoes.
Tiger Busig is in a happy mood this morning. He likes the smells of spring too.


We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't

Something's caught baby-Tigers squinting eye. He's been behind the curtain in my room for the past hour - chasing something that I can't see ... an insect perhaps. I'm not sure. He's very quiet - as if the hunter in him has suddenly come to life. ..... "What are you doing Tiger?" - "Meoooow!" ..... is like 'Aloha' ... It can mean anything - it all depends on the situation :D

Think the little man needs a friend to hunt with. Decided that this summer - with summer vacation done - I'm gonna start the search for a mini-Tiger. Would like another leopardette. ... If suitable soulmate of that breed cannot be found, I'll expand the circle and look for a someone with loving spirit and need for older company. A boy I think. Fearing that a lady will be scared off. Tiger is warmhearted, but sometimes acts as if he is the anonymous twin of the king and everybody else his slaves. So it can go 2 ways. Either he falls in love straight on his back .... or escapes to the tree, letting bitterness tear him grumpy. - Tiger is like the bumblebee .... it doesn't know it can't fly either ... Handle with care.

People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it

A Very Good Evening to you!
Hope your day was as good as mine.

Finally home. Had a meeting that lasted way too long. Walked home in the rain. What a wonderful feeling! I love rain! At this time of year it smells childhood memories and bright summer evenings. Enjoy the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement.
Had lunch at the local hamburgerbar today. I rarely do that, but today I felt for a greasy hamburger.
Husband had dinner with Vickie yesterday night. She's not well, but the get together cheered her up for at couple of hours.
Tiger Busig was all over me the moment I opened the door. Poor little boy's been on his own for almost 12 hours. Even though a cat doesn't have the sense of time as we human beings have, my concious sucks when I see his happy jumps up and down, yealling for my attention.
Eggs and bread for dinner. Forgot to buy juice, so tea's on . ....

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything

Good Tuesday Morning!
How was your night? Mine was good, thank you. Slept like a child. Up for a short moment somewhere around 4 am to feed Tiger with a be-quiet-now-snack. - He's having his breakfast now by the way.
Seems as if it's gonna be a beautiful day today. East's on fire.
Long day today. I'll be off around 8 and back again late tonight. Meating with the team tonight. Serious business :P
Forgot to buy a lunchbox, so now I have to choose between lunchbox from supermarket on my way to work or a hamburger .... Not sure what I feel for ... will see ..... Getting on with my morning ..... Dry-up, make-up, dress-up, eat-up and read-up ......
Wish you all a Happy Day!


Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self

Sorry if my spelling is a little weird. Tiger is playing on my desk and being in his 'you're my mommy' mood, kissing me in his own rough manner.

Emily and I had a good long Viber chat today ... Love that app ... Free calls to and from iPhone :P
Sum of this day = Chris ows me an Easter Egg filled with chocolate. He still hasn't noticed my status update from yesterday on FB .... Looking forward to the Bunny Egg gift xD
PS: Preferables = Those goodie, goodie Anthon Berg's filled with nougat. Thank you!

Life and death. Space and time. Fate and chance. These are the forces of the universe

Beautiful evening!
Heaven's on fire! It's magic! Universe is a wonder!

Magic fascinates me. When I was a child and went to the National Circus in Copenhagen, I just sat there with my mouth wide open whenever the magician entered the scene. I couldn't figure out how he succeeded in sawing the lady into pieces without actually killing her. I remember asking my dad, but he didn't know - and actually I think he thought it was just a waste of time trying to explain it to me. .... Now I know that it is a trick ... a way to manipulate with the brain. ... You see what you want to see ... Not what really goes on ..... Magic is an exclusive art form 

Breathing doesn't help, can I hit you instead?

Hi there!
How are you?
How's your day been?
Mine's been fairly good. The sun is shining .... Enjoyed walking home with my jacket open for the first time this year.
Nothing planned for tonight. Just relax and c(h)at with Tiger. Maybe read a good book. Just spoke to Emily - needed to ask for her advice in a health care matter, and got the answers I needed (Thank you Emily).
Solved some dificult cases during the day .... All in all I'm satisfied with my life right now :P
Now time for some coffee and a nice piece of chocolate.

When a man says no to champagne, he says no to life

A very Good Monday Morning to you!
Hope you slept well!
I was up for a short moment at 2 am to feed Tiger. Then back to bed and slept like a sheep until 1/2 hour ago. Took a long, nice shower.
First cup of coffee of the day is always the best. Like the first cig of the day - which I enjoyed at the balcony. The weather is grey again today. But no rain so far.

Work starts in 2 hours, so I've got plenty of time to get myself in order and up and running.
Wish you a happy day!


Hey, we're closing early! Chew it or lose it!

Watching 'Midsomer Murders' - one of my favorite English crime series.
Tomorrow is a new day. Working Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday is an off-day - literally speaking ... Are going to the dentist to continue the rebuilding of my teeths ... which means the removal of my teeths in favor of something created by a dental technician. Who happens to be an aquaintance, so I'm sure the finish will be excellent. Hope I only have 3-4 visits left before I'm done. Really need this to be over as soon as possible ... Gonna celebrate with a well-done steak and a glass of champagne!
I really don't care if anyone out there thinks I should keep quiet about this. I have 'helped' my problem to develop with a speed faster than the lightning by smoking. However, I would like to say that "health care" hasn't helped me a lot. When the problem started, it was an infection in my ears. The hospital sent me home and refused to give me any antibiothics claiming I didn't have any infection. It then spread to my jaws and now - after 2 years - there's no turning back.
So why do we accept a health care that doesn't pay any interest in the patients? In my mind we pay way too much for a service that is un-productive and inefficient because we're beeing told, that our so called health care is the best in the world. Which it isn't. Doctors are spending their time on budget-planning instead of looking after their patients, and the whole system is under constant budget-cuttings and centralizations, which means that if my sickness is to be taken serious, I have to arrive to the hospital unconscious in an ambulance. If I am able to walk and talk and there's no blood-spill, I'm not sick enough to be cared for.
At the end of the day, the type of infection I've had can spread to the neck, block vital nerves and eventually cause a heart-attack. But then again, getting a heart-attack can be fatal. You chances of survival are 50-50. If you die, you're not gonna cost health care a dime.

I am a turkey. Kill me

A very Good Sunday Evening!
How's your day been? So far, mine's been good. I think my headache is about to take a break.
Was out at the balcony just a moment ago, and my, my, my - it's impossible to see the lake through the mist. There's still ice on the water, but the air is + degrees, which is what creates the perfect conditions for the mist.

Cooking a light meal (lots of eggs - for the proteins), and resting with a good book. Tonight I'll surrender to Midsomer Murders for a couple of hours. Tiger has one of his affectionate days .... wants to be in my arms as much as he can. Little baby :P

I know it is wet, and the sun is not sunny. But we can have lots of good fun... that is funny

Was out for a quick trip to the supermarket. Needed food and candy for Tiger and some ingredients for the bread that's in the oven now. Dark chocolate, lemon, raisins and a touch of cinnamon. Yummi! I also found Robertsons delicious 'Lemon Curd' and a new chocolate with passion fruit I didn't taste before.

It's been raining most of the day and it's pretty warm outside. Look so much forward to spring now. I cannot wait for my favorite season to flower.
I love to watch programmes from other countries. Today we're on board a Russian train, letting people talk about how they see the future for Russia. Interesting.

I tried to zoom in on the raindrops for you to get a closer look .....

What makes you think I'm not interested in fashion

IT'S RAINING!!!!! Love the sound ... it's music in my ears. Don't know if you can see the raindrops on the picture


Found the new IKEA catalogue with inspiration tips for the upcoming warm season.

I'm gonna persuade husband to take me to the annual visit at IKEA's asap to dress the balcony in a proper summer-dress

We once were pets but now we're food! We won't stay fresh for very long

Crums and dust removed and sweep-over-the-floor manouvers done.
Listening to beautiful classical music - Romantic Music for Flute and Harp - including my favorite piece, Edvard Grieg's 'Morning'.
How can someone who enjoys Edvard Grieg also find pleasure in Marilyn Manson you might think ... I enjoy all sorts of music ... and Marilyn Manson isn't about music, it's about performance and the noble art of German Cabaret all included. Which I also happen to like.
Emily had a weird experience yesterday with some strangers walking by, hammering at her kitchen-window. She wanted to go out and yell at them. Unfortunately they'd vanished by the time she arrived. I had the exact same experience some days ago. Only that was one of the neighboor's spoiled brads who was kicking his ridiculous scooter bike into our second front-door. Husband got furious and went out and yelled at him. His dad was there and in my mind he should have told his son to lay off. Well, apparently not. This 'child' is 14-15 years of age. I don't understand why parents so thougtless neglect to teach their children to respect other peoples property

Blueberries. I can only have 12 blueberries for breakfast

Was in the shower for 20 minutes. Now I'm awake for real. - To my horror just discovered, that my desk and keyboard are full of tiny crums. Stop eating in here Madam!!!!!!! - Okay I eat in here once or twice when reading the electronical newspapers from my home-country. Seems I'm not completely multi-skilled after all.
Gillmore Girls on tv and Tiger Busig has fallen into a deep coma sleep. Outside just another grey day. Misty and wet. Better stay indoors for as long as possible.
Swallowed a pill for my headache. Not really sure if it was the right tablet though. Just happen to find it on the table, and thought that it looked like a pain-killer. .....

He has worn that Foreigner t-shirt every single day since he started working here and he doesn't know who they are

A very Good Sunday Morning to you!
Hope you slept well.
I was up for a few moments at 6 am to ship off husband. Went back to sleep and had no troubles sleeping for another 3 hours. I have a minor headache these days. In my eyes actually. Maybe that's why I need a lot of sleep ....
Question was raised a couple of days ago on FB. Manson Wiki asked if I was interested in buying a black t-shirt with the Manson Wiki logo on the front and a Marilyn Manson quote on the back .... That depends on the quote.
"In the end we're all Jerry Springer Show guests, really, we just haven't been on the show" is my favorite Manson quote. Digest it and think about it and you'll realize that it's very close being the truth of our lives.
Now time for breakfast and the Daily Wailing!