I love the smell of Cinnamon Apple in the morning. It smells like victory

Spoke to Vickie just now. Poor little girl is sick. Sending her my best wishes, hoping for her recovery asap!

Celebrity weekend for Emily! Think it's great fun for her. She's seen the play of course, and says it's very entertaining. And mingled with the actors. - I don't think I've ever met anyone famous actually - except for members of the Royal Danish family who I've served multiple times. And a number of rock'stars' of course. Never got a chance to speak to them though. - Or maybe I don't care whether people are actually famous or not. Wouldn't be able to recognize them anyway .... People has a tendency of looking quite different when the spotlights are out, don't you think?

Organizing and copying some photos that I lost when one of my personal computers crashed a coupple of moths ago. However I got them back, because my dear colleague, Kim I, fixed my pc and managed to save some of the stuff from my harddesk. It's nice with people around you who knows how to :D

Lewis just started. Shall watch while waiting for Emily to send me her manus to go through. - Just showing one of the shots that's been recovered. Love the smell :D

Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy

Just jumping in and out again ..... Look what I've got in my freezer :P - Nam, nam, nam

I've been shrunk, stretched, scratched and stuffed into a teapot

A very Good Afternoon!
Listening to the speeches at the Socialdemocratic Party's congress. They just elected a new leader for the party, and a majority of the speakers talk about a new beginning ... stuff like that. I've never been a member of any political party, and politics overall to me is equal to demagogy. However, I wanted to listen to Håkan Juholt (the new leader's) speech for the departing leader, Mona Sahlin. It was a very fine speech, which she deserved. Like I said, politics never was my thing, but Mona Sahlin in my mind is a very competent human being.
Tiger is all over me, beging for food. He's screaming to get my attention xD .... Better go ....

The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it's possible

Found an app for my iPhone that makes new photos look oldish. So I tested it and found a photo that I took last year at a café in Sundsvall. Think it looks cool and will definately use that app more often.......

I found another app as well that I want to test - has to do with photos as well ..... If you got nothing better to do, you always have iPhone xD

Why is it you're always too small or too tall?

Hey there! ... You're right ... It's me again buzzing you ...... :P
Something strange happened. And I don't know what to think. I'm not gonna bore you with the details, it's just that I feel I'm inadvertently is being dragged into something I don't want to be involved in. I know myself pretty well. I never drink alcohol, because I'd like to keep control and I hate bringing myself in a position where I'm unable to remember or unable to control events affecting me. I also think that people has an unfortunate habbit of jumping to conclusions based on assumptions - not based on facts. It's a childish and immature behaviour...... Anyway - Lessons to be learned: If someone you care for gets too drunk, stay as close as you can.

You used to make fun of the Runway girls, now you're one of them

Good Morning!
How are you today? - I'm good - thank you for asking.

Had a very pleasant evening with Jaana last night. Fell in love with her doll cat and her french bulldog (at least I think it's a French Bulldog) ..... If you ever wanna move to another home, my door is open for you .......
Woke up 15 minutes ago. The sun't shining but it's still cold and windy. I long for spring! The colours, the flowers, the smells and the sounds. Spring is wonderful dressed in light green.
What to do today? - Maybe go for a chat over a cup of coffee with Maria .... Bake a cake, play with Tiger and of course the choir contest tonight. Looking forward to that. Husband is visiting some friends tonight to watch a football match on the telly. I don't pay much attention to men running after a ball. Think it's boring
Right now I need to catch up with Emily's where abouts and the newspaper (before Tiger manages to tear it apart).
Catch you later!


Florals? For spring? Ground breaking

Hi again!
Preparing myself for a cosy evening with Jaana. She redecorated her appartment completely. Looking forward to see the result. Feeling slightly dizzy in my head due to the anesthetic I got at the dentist earlier today, but I'm good and don't have any pains as far as I am able to feel.
Anyway - make-up's on and hair's done. Not wearing anything particular smart though - just jeans and a very old t-shirt that I fancy. Trinny and Susannah would die to style me :D

Since I don't have any specific style, I just go for what I like and feel comfortable with. At my age, it looks silly if you blonde the hair and wear clothes made for teenagers. On the other hand, I'm not interested in looking like a grandma. I don't dye my hair anylonger. I keep it grey. Though it's not really grey, it's ash blond. I'm quite proud of my hair and the colour of it. I use quite a lot of make-up - but never black eyeliner. You know why? Because as you get older, you get small wrinkels on the eye lid and around it. Black eyeliner is like blonding the hair: It makes you look older than you are and harsher. So I go for light eyeline colours to highlight my eye colour which is strong baby blue.

I use foundation, mascara, I dye my eyebrows, I use lipstick and rouge and when going out even eyeshadow and nail-polish. My favorite nail-polish is Dior deep red. Thick and very beautiful colour. It's worth every single dime.

Soon I'll be off!

Catch you later ....

I'm investigating things that begin with the letter M

Home again after my dentist visit. This time just 1 tooth was removed. Next week more *sigh* .... I really hope that I will end up with the finest teeth on Earth when this hard struggle is over.
We stopped by the lake on our way home. Had unfortunately forgotten to bring my camera, but the view was fantastic. The thick ice on the lake has started to melt and the snow is vanishing bit by bit. Look so much forward to spring.
Baking while cooking and reading news from Emily. She decided to go with Fredrik for a coupple of days, which I think is a wonderful idea. Would like to get away myself.

Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really

Hi there! - It's me buzzing you again.
Nice weather! A bit windy and cold, but the sun's shining ... makes my day :P
Been through the Daily sighs and the Daily xD's .... wonder why I bother to read the news!?! Not much positive energy there .... War, Death, Wailing and Complaint in the majority of the headlines. Except that iPad2 is released today. I'd like to own one. It's on my list of future nice-to-have investments. Also want a Generation 4 iPhone ..... *sigh* .... Good things will come to those who wait.
Brother, http://crleth.blogspot.com/, has an iPad. It seems to be a really good tool and a great supplement to a laptop. Which btw is a no-no word. Do you know why? Because 'laptop' signals that you can sit with it in your lap. But you can't. Unless you want to get burned. Modern computers have lots of fancy features that requires a lot of power. But they also can get extremely warm .... So let's refer to the laptop as your personal computer - or your electronic notebook. I work for one of the biggest computer and printer manufactors in the world, so take my advice: Don't treat your pc as if it was your pet :P

Due to lack of the real thing, here's a picture of my nice-to-have wish

Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning

Good Morning - or perhaps a Good Day is more proper at this time of day ......?
I hope you slept well. At least I did. Was up at 4 as always, but fortunately I have no problems going back to sleep again. Slept to 8 and after a loooong warm shower, I'm at the point where I could say "I'm awake".
So what's happening today? I'd tell you what's happening: The dentist! Don't like the thought, so let's go to next happening: Visit at Jaana's tonight for chat and wine. Looking forward to that.
Just ordered a delivery for my dad's birthday on Sunday (76th that is). Wine and chocolate confirmed. Baking bread this afternoon and c(h)at with Tiger, who still hasn't been able to figured out why the funny machine I have here beside my desk can make so much noise and spit out paper all by itself :P Cat-logic is a mystery .....

Catch you later!


Is there some reason that my coffee isn't here? Has she died or something?

A very late Good Evening to you! Sorry for the sloppy updating today. Been away since 7.05 am, and returned from my visit at Emily's only just now.
Hope you've enjoyed your day. Mine's been very good. And seeing Emily and Fredrik again was wonderful. We had dinner and coffee before heading homeover again.
Sipping coffee and reflecting over the day. Tomorrow I have the day off (to visit the dentist. Aj) - So don't need to go to bed yet.
Gonna check up the latest on Facebook and cose with Tiger.

Will catch you later!


I can't believe the way you do business out here. I can't believe how fucked-up your organization is

Hi there! - It's me buzzing again ....

My baby girl has joined the magical iPhone world ... wiiii .... Emily is such a different girl. Yesterday night she chatted me on FB, asking if I thought she would be irresponsible if buying an iPhone. She already made a budget and a calculation in her head how much money she would be able to afford to spend on this ... I mean, an irresponsible person wouldn't have asked her mom in the first place. She is highly responsible in everything she does. And I told her that. I think we often forget to express our appreciation of our near and dear's good qualities. We simply take it for granted that they know what we think. But they don't. We must make sure to tell them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been invited for dinner at Emily's and Fredrik's tomorrow night. They live appr 120 kilometres from here, so I'll be off directly after work. I look so much forward to see them again. Haven't seen Fredrik for a long time, because he's touring. But he has a coupple of days off, before leaving again on Friday. I've made a small surprise for them that I know they will appreciate xD
Finishing this post with a picture of my baby girl (borrowed from her blog

Have a Good Night

Cat on a hot roof

Hello and a very Good Evening!
I hope you've had a good day. - Mine was fairly good, thank you! Tomorrow is my last day of this week, and tomorrow night I will be heading to Emily and Fredrik for dinner and cozy company.
There's been a bit of an emergency situation today while I was at work, and I'm happy that husband was here..... My beloved cat, Tiger, was having fun with a cardboard box. What I didn't realize was, that the polysterene plastic that was inside of the box, would be something a little cat would like to eat. When getting the stuff into his mouth, it started to expand and Tiger was choking of course. Fortunately husband came to his rescue in due time, and managed to perform life saving on the cat. Usch! What an unpleasant experience for the cat. I'm so greatful to husband, that he didn't panic and that Tiger is alive.
Let this be a lesson to me: Never let the cat play with plastic bags, and always check what's inside a cardboard box, and remove anything that can be dangerous to the cat.

When the saints go marching in

Good day to you! Hope you slept well.
I'm about to leave for a new busy day. It's Wednesday and we're heading towards Friday which is my day off!!!
Need to study more about blogging from iPhone, becaus I can't figure out how to add pictures ... Want to ....
See you later


You're nicked!

Time to tugg in for sweet dreams. Completely forgot all about time and space this evening. Outside the wind is howling. I'm cozy'ng up with latte and learning.
Good 9ght!

Try and be a bit more charitable. You sell what you got available

Hi! - It's me again.... If this looks different it's because I finished my chrash course in blogging via iPhone. In the meantime both Emily and Fredrik have jumped on the iPhone train. Jippie! Soon the whole family is in the Big Apple. Managed to upgrade my software etc and is now just checking that everything works as it should. While writing the days last update. The only thing that doesn't satisfy me is, that Compose mode isn't applicable when blogging from iPhone .... I wonder why???

I suppose it's a bit like going down a dark alley without a torch

Hi there!
How's you're day been? - Thank you, mine's been good so far.
Now waiting for dinner to prepare itself. I believe in magic you know :P

I'm trying to learn how to blog from my iPhone. The thing is that whenever I am away, I would like to be able to do the updates anyway - it's just a matter of learning like anything else in this world. Shouldn't be too difficult for a technical wonder-child like me ... At least I'm not a chicken. Every day I overcome myself and manage to do things I thought I wasn't clever enough to figure out. It's like a safari .... You never know what you need to face just around the corner xD


Out of order is no good to anyone. Out of step is much better. That way you tread on the bits the other people miss

Good Evening!
Hope you've had a pleasant day!
I didn't!
But nevermind!
It's Monday and it's over and tomorrow is a new day in a different light.

It's been a beautiful day with sun and spring in the air. 8 plus plus, and the snow is melting fast now, dripping from roofs and balconys. So lovely. Makes me able to breath again. I hope the white season is about to leave for good.

Now it's pitch dark outside. The stars are up, blinking to me. I can see Big Dipper right outside my bedroom window, telling me tales from ancient times ............

I'm gonna get myself a little snack from the freezer called Ben & Jerry and relax the rest of this day. - And No - I'm not out of order today - just a little out of step :P

Sleep well! - And Good Morning to those of you who just did ...!


Why don't you get a television like everyone else?

Mmmm ...... The croissants are ready! Filled with chocolate .... look so much forward to eat 1 or 2 xP

Planning to watch Midsomer Murders tonight .... I enjoy that series too much.
In case you enjoy English drama series as much as I do, I recommend you to tune in on 'Downtown Abbey'. It's a modern version of the 70-ies hit series 'Upstairs - Downstairs', though the pace, the costumes, the landscapes and the characters in 'Downtown Abbey' are wonderful. Here's a small appetizer! Enjoy!

I tell you what gets right up my nose and that is people who go and live in America and after ten minutes end up talkin' like Katharine flippin' Hepburn

Hey there,
How's it going?
- I'm good! Thank you for asking. ...
What to think about the Libyan affair? - I'm against war. I'm also againt dictatorship and repression of people and their free right to elect their leaders through democratic elections. - But still - Noone can win a war. There will always be people dying in vain. It costs tons of money. And actually: The problem Gadaffi was created by ourselves. We have tolerated him for more than 40 years because of our need for access to oil. Like the rest of the dictators who we have kept and are keeping in power.
Someone surgested that we should lay down the world and start from scratch zero. ..... There's a thought.

I'm preparing for some delicious chocolate croissants a lá me .... Picture available soon - I hope xP
Will catch you later!

I got a season ticket to the late night laundrette

Good afternoon!
What a beautiful weather it is today! Sunny and warm. Still a lot of snow left on ground and roofs, but at least it feels like spring.

As I mentioned to you yesterday, I was going to watch the song contest between 8 pop / rock choirs last night. - Due to a local choir participating in the competion. And guess what!?! Our choir was the choir our the evening, receiving most votes from the audience. Congratiolations!
It was fun to watch all these familiar faces on national television. All credit to their enthusiasm and joy.

Here's Team Andreas' song for the night. Enjoy!


When in doubt, shout. It scares the horses

A very Good Sunday Morning to you!
Hope you slept well.

I did! Woke up around 4 am though. Not due to Tiger, but due to the full moon, shining into my face. I went up to feed Tiger and took a look at the moon. I don't think it was any different from other full moons, though it's supposed to be a super moon...... Anyway I took some pictures through the window

Think I have other pictures of the moons that's far better though .......
It does have a sense of magic .... The moonshine was very strong - usually it doesn't wake me up, so maybe there is some kind of supernatural force in it these days.......

Catch you later!