Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb

New layout done. I'm kinda satisfied.
I forgot to buy sweets when out today and only 2 pieces of chocolate left. Buh! Must remember tomorrow!
There's chocolate in the bread though, so I go for 3 slices. I have a sweet tooth.

Skipped the song contest, because I cannot cope with the schlager concept. Same artists as every year, and once you've heard 1 song, you've heard them all. Even the artists outfit was seen before.
I'm bored! Will see if I can find a movie that can catch my attention.

Catch up with you later!

And I said: "God damn it daddy! You know I love you! But you got a hell of a lot to learn about rock'n roll"

Went out for a walk in the beautiful weather today. Usually I don't do that in my weekends, but today I felt for it. Been a good girl and sweeped the floors with dustbuster and soap. Now the house looks civilised again. 2 breads in the oven are just about ready. Skipping the local song contest and go for a book instead. And deal with layout of this blog. Had this layout for a long time now, and times change. It feels right to change now.

Will catch up with you later

And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

Good afternoon!

I mentioned my thoughts about nuclear power in my post earlier today. Forgive me for following up on that track.

Reading the latest news from Japan, I believe that energy from nuclear power is a safe energy source - as long as you don't build a power plant on a place that has a reputation for destructive earthquakes.

I remember Chernobyl. April 26 1986 ... that's just 25 years ago.  The nuclear plant in Chernobyl, Ukraina was devestated by an explosion and a meltdown. Even though we live thousands of kilometers away, we suffered from the impacts of that accident  ..... A nuclear meltdown is a dissaster - not only for the surrounding areas - but for Planet Earth. It has an impact on nature for many, many years ahead. It impacts on our health, our childrens and our grand-childrens health and physical survival.

We human beings are superior in our ability to destroy our own existence.

This photo might not be tastefull, but it reminds me of the dangers of our excesses and our energy carelessness

We light a candle on an earth we made into hell and pretend that we're in heaven

Hey there!

Sometimes Tiger gets impatient with me. He wants to cuddle and I want to write. Last night he crawled around on my desk. I shot a coupple of pics. His curiosity makes him check everything. He's the sunshine of the day. Always happy. Always playfull and cheerfull. Tender and sweet.

The challenge of today is My faith.

I could make it easy for myself and say that I don't have any faith. But that's not quite true. I don't believe in God - my faith is more earthly. However, since the moon has such an influence on me, I cannot say I don't believe in supernatural forces. My faith just don't come in the shape of a Messiah.

Watched the news from Japan this morning. I believe that energy from nuclear power is a safe energy source - as long as you don't build a power plant on a place that has a reputation for damaging earthquakes. I remember Chernobyl ..... I pray that the Japanese have more control than the Russians had, but seriously! - A nuclear meltdown is a dissaster - not only for Japan - but for the Planet Earth. It wil have an impact on nature in many, many years ahead. We human beings are superior in our ability to destroy our own existence.

They flutter behind you, your possible pasts - some brighteyed and crazy, some frightened and lost

A very early Good morning to you

Hope you slept well!

Perhaps you wonder why the heck I'm using a madly borring picture of someone from the opposite sex all of a sudden. Well! I'm attending a happening called 'Assimilate Søren Pind'. Mr. Pind is the new Danish Minister of Integration, but his statements are so populistic that his appointment is a disgrace. He "does not want to hear about integration - only about assimilation". Attending the happening requires removal of one's own profile picture in exchange for a picture of Mr. Pind. - There are a lot of Mr. Pind clones on FB at the moment :P - Allthough I have to admit - being in this disguise doesn't exactly make me a feelgood .....

Anyway... it's late night - or early morning. I'm on my own. The house is so quite now. I enjoy that. The only sounds are the sounds from my fingers tapping the keyboard, writing this post.

Tiger Busig is sleeping in his favorite chair. I'm sipping tea - Russian. Though not the black one that I prefer ....... the blue one..... Russian blue.... Isn't that a cat btw? I think it is. Gotta google the answer.

I was right... Russian blue is a beautiful cat

I love cats. But I guess you figured that out by now :P

Writing was temporarily postponed for an hour while talking to Jaana. The cat misplaced her phone. Not joking!

If you want to watch TV at this time of night, you can choose between some C-movie in the action category, or 5 different porn channels. I never quite understood that concept. Can anyone explain it to me?

Catch up with you later


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

Uh... Uh... Morning?!? - Need more coffee to let the light penetrate!

A moment ..........

A snowflake melting on my cheek. A kiss. Hello! A flash of light........

Consider that your life is just a moment. Exploit the maximum of that special moment. Because on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero (Quote by MM).

My moment is now. In the cold morning light, watching the day break through. Listening to the sounds of the awakening town. A train passing by, the birds singing, a barking dog,

This moment is mine.

Will catch you later!


To dream unthreatened by the morning light could blow this soul right through the roof of the night

Good evening!

Every night when Tiger tries to shake me alive, I dream of scanners. It occured to me today. It's very strange. A secret hand holds the grip of my subconscious mind. Scanners!?! Why?!?

Voice is a bit rusty this evening. Comes from heavy verbal abuse. Today for 385 minutes. Now I'm desperate to sweeten it up and to do that I'm goona spoil it with

Catch you later!

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone

Good morning!


Slept a bit better than the night before yesterday. Tiger usually wakes me up around 3-4 am, crawling around on me, purring in my ears, begging for a pre-breakfast snack. So I get out of my bed and give him what he wants. I know - I'm crazy. He thinks he's brilliant, because he gets an extra meal - and the chance for a little c(h)at-chat during his most lively hour. I think it's slightly annoying, cause my supposed-to-be-alive hours are after 6 am.

Anyway - The night before yesterday, he woke me up at 1.30 - mainly because a f#&!ing diesel locomotive was idling less than 200 meters from our building. I then did the ultimate no-no when I went out for a smoke. That costed me 2 hours sleep.

But last night I kept cool and managed to get an almost full night sleep.

Here he is, the little sinner, when he was still just a skinny kitten. Not perfect, but always curious

And now over to the challenge of the day - My best friend. I don't really have a best friend. I have a lot of acquaintances and good colleagues that sort of are my friends. Though the type of friend with whom you can share everything - even your most inner thoughts? - I wouldn't say that I have any such friend. The closest I get to that sort of friendship is the relationship I have with Emily. She is my daughter, so naturally there are a couple of subjects that I would never drag her into. But she and I share a lot of equal opinions, values and thoughts, and I love discussing my favorite topics with her. She has great spirit and a good, good .

Take care for now!
Catch up with you later


Machines that wished they were human, if they cry they will rust

Hey there!

Home sweet home at last.
Wednesday is my favorite day. Only 2 days left to fabulous weekend - at least according to my way of calculating. Friday doesn't really count. I mean ... you get up Friday morning with the weekend just around the corner. You might as well cut it out and just ignore it.
Tiger Busig has found a new toy. My printer. He likes to sit on top of it. Yesterday I was scanning some pictures, but that didn't scare him off. He just sat there staring at it, as if he was wondering what the fuzz was all about. Now he discovered the on/off button. Let's see how pet-friendly this little printer is :P

 Catch you later!

You are my flesh and blood - I knew it from the very first moment

Huh .. huh ... Good morning?!?
Uhhhh it's hard to get out of bed ..... Think I need a HUGE cup of coffee to sheer some light .......

I've been thinking about todays challenge

What is love?

To me love is everything I cannot live without: My beautiful daughters, my husband, my cat, good books, the moon and the sun, the stars, the night, the sea, beautiful music, cosy company  ....... My photo today is of the 2 most important people in my life, Vickie and Emily, the first week of their lives

Have a Flashing day!
Bye for now


Shoot her to the moon

♥ A very good evening to you

Tuesday over and getting closer to weekend. The challenge of the day is What I ate today. I'll see if I am able to remember everything in the right order ......

2 cups of coffee, 1 glas of juice, 1 glass of blueberry soup, 3 slices of my own home-baked bread filled with apples, lemon, raisins and white and dark chocolate

Pre-lunch snack:

Tarte Tatin - made by my colleague Fabien

Lemon schnitzel with potatoes and vegetables, 2 glasses of water and a cup of coffee

After-lunch snack:
More Tarte Tatin and coffee

Sandwiches with egg and ham, 1 glass of juice

After-dinner snack:
Chocolate bun and coffee


Have a wonderful evening! See you!

Right now I feel I belong

Good morning ... I think!

Tuesday and ready for a day at the races. I've got a purring cat crawling around me while trying to write. Not easy with paws everywhere.

Manged to get a picture of us

Be good and enjoy your day! Will catch up with you later!
Bye for now


In space the stars are no nearer. Just glitters like a morgue

Hey there!
How's it going?
Accidently zapped into 'Top Models' season-I-couldn't-care-less. When I look at these girls, they're quite dull girls, who all seem to believe that they can conquer the world with beauty and fashion and a looooot of make-up and false eyelashes. I think it's all as fake as snow in July. They might have pretty faces, but the truth is, none of them make any impression on me. I look at them, but their faces do not fasten in my mind. If I met them in the street, I wouldn't recognize them. But their appearence in this phony programme make them believe that they are stars. Stars in what? Doing what? What is beauty? - I think beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder.
So here I am, 47 years old, the mother of 2, after a loooong days hard work. This is how I look - with all my blemishes, my scratches from the cat-having-fun-hour etc., etc. You'll be my judge.

Sweet dreams

There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going

Good Evening!

Hope you enjoyed your day.
Monday is the day of the 3 F's: First, Fast and Furious.
So let's simply ignore and move on to the challenge of the day: My parents!

Both my parents are still in this life. My mother, Lonni, and my father, Carsten. They are my parents, but both re-married many years ago.

I don't remember much from my parents being married - they divorced when I was 8. This might be the reason why I myself has developed such a go-easy attitude when it comes to my own marriage. I don't have a lot of demands and expectations. We rarely have any confrontations, and we never quarrel. My parents marriage was (at least as far as I remember) full of confrontations and bitter words. And I am simply allergic to that sort of living.

Parenhood is about taking care of your offspring. When my parents marriage ended, I sometimes wonder what impact that had on their ability to fullfill their parenthood assignment. - I do believe they did their best under the conditions that they had. However I felt the separation made it easier for them to forget their responsibilities.

My father spent his professional life as an army officer. My mother worked outside the home as well. They were both strictly conservative in their upbringing, and had huge expectations on everything such as behaviour, table-manners, education, finding the right spouse, carrier etc. I'm sorry to say, I failed on the most.

Sadly enough, I never got a tight relationship with any of my parents. We never have any deep talks - we small-talk about harmless topics, because we disagree about the most in this world. We have different values, different political views, different views on life in general etc.

You cannot change what was, and it's not a good idea to tell your parents that your childhood was lonely. Let's just conclude that I - to use my mother's words - "refused to listen to the adults" and therefore missed the opportunity to become a decent person.

Here we are - the happy family - at the yearly christmas photo from 1967:

Cheers for now


When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name. No one recognized me, I didn't look the same

Good morning to you!
Hope you slept well.
Was up at the crack of dawn, shipping off husband. Gonna feel very empty here the next 2 weeks when he's away. On the other hand, I will find time to read. I just borrowed a book from Emily - 'Social policies classics' - which I look forward to read. The book focuses in particular on the rights and obligations enshrined in the concept of social citizenship. Shall be very interesting.

I'm soon off to work. Wish you all a great Monday!

See you!


Tainted love

Good afternoon - or good evening!

What a beautiful day!

Just returned from a visit at Thomas and Louisa and had a very cozy time. Loved the cake Louisa. Thank you!

Challenge of the day: My first love. - Gee, that's a tough one! That was a loooong time ago, but as far as I remember I was 12 and he was 15. Never spoke a word with him of course. I was much too shy for that. He had a moped - a Puck Maxi. So he was on wheels. I just had my little red bicyckle and my guitar :P

Husband is off for his 2 weeks-work early tomorrow morning. Buhhhh. Will miss him. - Which reminds me that I have to cut Tigers claws tonight. He accidently scratched my upperlip yesterday, and that made me realize that he's claws need a make-over.

Here's a picture of my adorable Tiger Busig

Bye for now

Isn't she lovely

A very good morning to you and Happy Birthday to my sweet Emily ♥!

The sun is shining again today and the birds are singing. Maybe spring has finally found its way. Has a standing invitation for a coffee-mik with a coupple of colleagues today. Walk or drive? Can't make up my mind.........

See you later!