When you have completed what you thought you had to do

Happy Sunday!
I hope you are enjoying as much as I do. Sundays are made for being lazy and relaxed. Yesterday I visited Emily and Fredrik. We had some cosy hours together, spending the time to talk, play with the cats, and Emily got her coaching moment with her mom, who's trying to figure out how to change the layout on my Danish langued blogg - making it a bit more like me. Sat up all evening fixing it, and I think it turned out quite okay. Though I'm still not fully satisfied, but will live with what I have at least this week.
We had cake - a yummi one filled with sweet cream and topped with fresh fruits and a chocolate bite.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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Lowell said...

Now I know you're in Sweden but came from Denmark, right? And Danes are the happiest people in the world, right?

Now I know why. You're able to relax and enjoy life and you've got the best darn goodies to eat!

I'm jealous. :-)

Hope you have as wonderful a week as your weekend has been!