Photography helps people to see

Hope you're doing well.
I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple of days. Yesterday we celebrated husbands birthday, and I focused on giving him a good evening.
Found a book for him to read - Umberto Eco's 'Il cimitero di Praga'. I hope he will enjoy reading it. Apart from that, we had a nice dinner with some of his favorite dishes and warm, strong tea.
Yesterday the weather conditions were cold, rainy and windy. Today, just cold and windy. I really hope Captain Frost will stay off the premisses at least for the rest of this week, because Saturday, we'll be driving up North to visit Emily and Fredrik and celebrate husbands birthday together.

Here's a view over the lake with the blue mountains in the background.

Have a good evening!

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Lowell said...

If this is near to where you live, you are very fortunate to have such a beautiful vista to look at year-round!

Re the dentist: Lois had the root canal. I have to have two crowns done tomorrow. Ugh! :-)