Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine

Hey! How are you?
It's really extradionary weather for the season. Still no sign of the snow, and apparently the fairly good weather will continue for the next couple of days. That makes an amateur photographers life so much easier, because I can go out and find motives, without having to put a lot of extra clothes on.
I took this picture yesterday in the late afternoon on my way home from work. I simply cannot resist the beauty of this tree and the lovely, pink sky.

Enjoy your evening!


Lowell said...

It is a glorious photo in that late afternoon light. Such a deep red. I'm glad that you've been given a reprieve re the onslaught of snow!

It was in the 80s here today and should be 85 tomorrow! But its down in the 50s at night, so is actually just about perfect weather!

Our daughter lives at 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. They've already had a lot of snow and are expecting another storm soon. It's 23 degrees there!

AB said...

I love the tree and the sky, too, And the general tones of this photo. Good to read you did not need too many clothes to take it.