Favoritism ain't my thing

How are you?
So far the day has been pretty good. Left work early today due to a dentist appointment. Now home and safe and sound :P
Counted the steps this morning. Got to 650 - then I gave up. Will try again tomorrow and see hopw far I get :D
This time of year, leaves drops to the ground in all shapes and colors ... Love to walk around with my nose and eyes stuck to the ground, watching the changes.
I guess this picture was an accident .. However, I kinda like it

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Jacob said...

Hi Charlotte!

Do you have a little step counter? They aren't expensive, and you can slip them in your pocket and they keep track of every step you take. Work pretty good.

Lois walked about 4 1/2 miles today as she had to give up running temporarily due to torn meniscus...I am not able to walk very far yet, but hope to be back on the golf course in a couple of months!