A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

How are you doing on this bright, sunny Sunday?
Been out for a walk at the other side of the railway .... The area is condemned, but the lake nearby is a breathing hole in itself.

This used to be housing less fortunate people. Now only 1 or 2 people leave here. I think it's a pitty that no one wants to spend money on a restauration, because the building in itself is quite nice.
Tons of timber, waiting to be loaded and shipped off by railway

I enjoy these Sunday afternoon walks. There is a lot to see and the lake is a peaceful place. Sitting on a bench, enjoying the spectacular view is what I feel Sundays are made for.
Enjoy your day!

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Lowell said...

Thank you for sharing your Sunday morning walk. I agree about the building - it looks solid, substantial and actually in fairly good condition.

The lake defines pristine beauty! Calm and clear. If only life could be like that!

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!