Why do we want intelligent computers when there are so many stupid users?

Funny experience again today. Husband missed that we now have a combi wireless / ethernet router, so when the ethernet connection for some reason stopped working, he didn't just grab one of the wireless pc's ... No. *Sigh*  - My fault that he hasn't been properly educated of course (smack myself for that). Done that now :P
Tiger planted a solid bullet on the bathroom floor. Not that I blame him, but MG! - that new diet of his makes his bullets just too smelly! I wonder what that pedigree food from The Farmers are made of!!!!!
Looking for a friend for him. Planned to get one for my birthday, but now Maria's friend has new kittens, and one of them will definately be appropriate.

Look at him! Food on his nose - laying in my bed! - Ever since he returned from his vacation in Mitzi-Neija Land he's been sneak-sleeping in my bed. He's never done that before. I think he misses the 2 ladies, which is why I must get him some cat-company asap.
Enjoyed my day actually. Lots of laughs and lots of bizar happenings (thanks for cake btw Tanja - I know I didn't deserve my slice :P) ... Despite of that I do look forward to the weekend where I plan to read my new book. I hope Emily and Fredrik will stop by on Sunday ... If that can't be arranged, I'll simply postpone and rewind, pretending Monday to be July 1 :D

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