Some men like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path

Good Noon!
There's a smell of thunder in the air this morning ... Tiger's tossing around, pleading for his breakfast. He sleept tight during the night and didn't disturb me at all. - But he sleeps in my bed nowadays :( - I'm not sure if I fancy that ....
Trying to get an invitation for Google + ... I think it's rather weird. I've had Google since 2006, and yet I have to receive an invitation from someone to get access to the feature. And since I'm not famous or popular in any way I feel I'm walking the path of wilderness.
Anyway - I spent some days with the family and found my dad changed to the worst. I mean, he's always been a hard-tempered man, but now, he reached to state where I wonder if he's suffering from alzheimers. It isn't nice to see .... I also think he's finding it hard to accept that he's no longer able to do what he wants to do .... That makes him extremely frustrated.
What to do, what to do????? - Oh, yes. Enjoy the last day of this vacation as much as I can

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