If it rains it rains

Getting on with dinner preparations. Been sitting outside at the balcony most of the afternoon, reading. Basicly I grabbed a book to get some information about the building of Göta Canal, found what I was looking for, and then simply continued with the book that's written by Herman Lindqvist and contains a lot of information about the murder of King Gustav III, his son and how Jean Baptiste Bernadotte ended up being the King of Sweden. Fascinating. And besides, Herman Lindqvist is a good writer and storyteller who I enjoy listening to.
All in all a peaceful Sunday with very little to do. Pretending to forget about tomorrow ... I really would like to be on temporarily holiday for the next 40 years :P Haven't been out of my nightgown all day. - Actually it's not quite true, because I took a shower this morning, but afterwards decided to go casual the rest of the day.
Still no sight of rain and thunder, but MG it's so hot now that I'm sure it can break out any minute.
Watched Camilla Plum preparing pickled tomatoes for pasta sauces etc. That was pretty easy. Want to try it out myself. Just need to grab the recipe and get on with it. Now it's time for another favorite of mine: Per Moberg in his kitchen and my dinner.
BTW: Tiger is not a fan of his new diet. He's more hungry. I feel sorry for him, but what can I do!?! - He's supposed to eat less than he did in the past .... Sorry Tiger!

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