Excuse me if I kiss the sky

Hey there!
Don't know if it's the amount of strawberries, the fabulous book I received for my birthday, my wonderful colleagues, my sweet little kitty-cat, the fact that it's Tuesday - or if it's just me .....but G@D Damn it! I am in such a great mood today!
The book I received from my dad, is written by French-Danish journalist and author Stéphanie Surrugue and it's about the highly controversial prince consert Henri, married to the Danish queen. I picked it myself from the bookstore, because I, against all common sense, think the man is interesting. Imagine being this world accustomed man, born in France, raised in Vietnam, living in England, landing in Denmark of all countries, trying to adapt our perculiar and very difficult language and our strange, narrow-minded norms and un-written rules? - It must have been toughed. I believe that Henri - or Henrik as we call him - has managed better than most people. Yes his accent is a bit funny and yes he'll never become a Dane. But frankly: How many would have survived all the critizism he's been facing over the years? - Don't think so!!!!
Anyway. When the book came out last year I read parts of it, and now I hold it in my hand and look so much forward to read it.

What else is up? - Oh, yes .. Google+ of course. It's fun. The picture layout is nice and I think I'll be able to get on well with the place :D
And of course waiting for Maria to put up pictures of all the new kittens so that I can find out which one I want to be Tiger Busig's new friend .....
Sorry for not updating so often these days. I have 2 million things to do, but I try to find some time over to keep you posted.
BTW: Would it be too much to ask for a little more than a grey sky on a summerday?

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