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Good Morning!
Was awakened from the sound of thunder. It went on for quite a while, but now it seems to have moved on. Made the temperatures drop a bit - for a while. Now we seem to be back where we were ....
Sat outside on the balcony and watched the moon last night. How it transformed and went from yellow to orange - glowing like a huge fireball. Shortly after 1 am, I watched the orange ball vanish in the horizon. Very beautiful!

Shooting pictures in the twilight is not easy, but after many tests of the different options, I've come to the conclusion, that the best twilight pictures from this camera, comes when using the macro filtration.
After the rain, the air smells freshly of flowers and grass. Wonderful!
Now more coffee, a cig and a chat with Tiger .....

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Jacob said...

Sounds like an enchanting evening and you got some nice shots of that old red sun sinking 'neath the horizon!

I'm off to the golf course this morning. Supposed to be 95 degrees F here today! Ugh! But the smoke is gone from the air (I think) so that helps (we've had a lot of smoke in the air from forest fires burning in various places in central Florida)...

Hope you're Sunday is progressing nicely. Meow to Tiger!

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