Winds are blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache

Hey, hey!
Sorry for the missing update yesterday. - I did manage to get the portable router to work without any problems. Unfortunately husband temporarily erased the password for his computer from his mind xD - As you can see, that problem has also been solved this morning. - Didn't want to make too much fuzz yesterday night, because he'd been driving for 14 hours, and the weather was quite crappy. We were both extremely tired, and anyway, iFool found the wireless network in 2 seconds, so I knew the router would work without any problems.
How are you?
Good I hope.
I'm uploading all pictures shot yesterday with the camera, and they're better than expected. Also got pictures on iFool, some of them have already been distributed on FB, but I'll give you some here as well.
As mentioned above, the weather was so crappy yesterday. It rained cats and dogs for more than 8 hours. Not much traffic, at least not in Sweden. A totally different story in Denmark though. I kept asking myself "what are these people doing on the roads on a peaceful Sunday? Don't they have anything better to do, like cutting their lawns, or sipping coffee with their families?" - But then I remembered: Of course, we're in Denmark. Land of the mini-cars where the ultimate Sunday pleasure is to drive into the countryside, find an over-crowded spot along the highway to digest un-drinkable cup of Sunday afternoon coffee. That explain's xP
- Just spoke to Emily ... I think I will save her story till the next post. It's rather bizar in a sarcarstic-funny way :(
Anyway - here are some of the pictures from the trip:

 First stop 7 am

 This little fellow is camera shy

 Entering the last tunnel in Stockholm. The first raindrops are falling .... It's 9 am

 Breakfast - South of Stockholm 10 am. Cafe latte and buns in shelter of the rain. Mm

 Jönköping in the afternoon. Heavy rain and fog. Unfortunately, because the view is spectacular

 Chicken nuggets and a free ride on Burger King's wireless network just outside Värnamo

 On board the ferry in Helsingborg. 20 minutes crossing time before landing in Helsingør, hometown of Hamlet

Reached destination and got this magnificant shot of this little rabbit


Jacob said...

Wow! I didn't expect to hear from you and then I get a bunch of photos and a lot of funny commentary! Wonderful! Glad you arrived safely and that the router is working and the password problem is fixed.

Now, if only it will stop raining!

Methinks you think Denmark is not as, ah, "nice" as Sweden...yes?

And yes, it is sunny here. Hot, though. Upper 90s F today. I played golf yesterday and it was very warm!

But I'm tough. Really old but tough! :-)

Have fun. And not to worry, Tiger will be waiting for you!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Good to hear you arriges well. Got four more days and then I'm outa here as well:)

Really nice pics you got from the trip:)