TV is chewing gum for the eyes

..... Eventually your chewing will cause you sore eyes
Afternoon and a almost blue sky. What more can one wish for!?!
Had a gigantic breakfast - a slimmed version of brunch - and lots of coffee. Fortunately we're soon out of coffee. This brand is disgusting. Tastes like oil. Bvadr!
Not doing too much today. Later I plan to walk to the beach (appr 200 metres, which I think I'm able to overcome xD) just to check if it looks as it's supposed to, and to take some pictures of course.
Since Denmark is a country full of islands, I've uploaded some shots from our trip down here ......

The Great Belt Bridge - part of the 21 kilometre long connection between Zeeland and Fyn

... Leaving the bridge - entering the dam ...

Crossing the island of Sprogø and its lighthouse before arriving Fyn

Crossing the next strait .....

Up, up up

Reaching Jutland .... The original bridge is seen to the left in the background of the picture

1 comment:

Jacob said...

Impressive photos! Very beautiful country!

You mean there are cultural differences between Swedes and Danes. I thought all Scandihoovians were the same! ;-)

You'll have to explain that sometime. Looks like you're having fun with more fun on the way. Hope the weather holds!