This is not me, I'm not mechanical!

Buzz, buzz!
How is your day going? - Mine's going very well.
Unexpected visit from Emily and Fredrik. Very nice to see them again. Mitzi and Neija was here as well, and Tiger Busig was so annoyed for not letting him play with the girls. - No, seriously, he hissed! I've never heard or seen him do that before. Though he wasn't angry - just a little bit upset.
He's been crawling around in my hustle, bustle room and is convinced that there's another cat inside the mirror :P

Did you read about the outbreak of the ehec bacteria? Well, consumers stop buying vegetables, but not me. Strawberries is a must, so I buy fruits and vegetables despite the warnings and don't think there's any reason to panic. Media tries to scare the s#@t out of us, and of course it's sad that people die because the bacteria cannot be cured with antibiothics. However, if we live in fear of getting sick from eating, we might as well kill ourselves on the spot. My opinion is probably gonna affect the number of friends on fb again. Not much to do about that. If people don't respect my opinion even when it happens to be different from theirs, they're not mature enough and therefore not worth sharing information with anyway.    

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