That was a cheap shot

I usually don't watch reality shows, however, on a rainy day like this, my tummy enjoys the zap-feature on the remote, and I happened to check in on Paris Hilton's new BFF. - Seriously - I'm chocked. The world seems to be overcrowded with ridiciously dumb girls. Talk about being fake. It scares the shit out of me. In the 60-ies women fought for our liberation and we demand to be treated as responsible and equal members of society. And yet we sees to meet men's expectations of dumb-dumbs by attending this kind of idiotic tv-programmes .... Everything for the 15 minutes of fame. Come on!
Bought a new transportation box for Tiger. He's madly interested, and has a been investigating it all afternoon. Seems to have drained him for every drop of energy in his veins ......

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Jacob said...

Tiger will survive. And I'll be looking forward to all of your pictures. I know you'll be out-of-pocket, so don't forget to take camera out of pocket! :-)

Have a great time!