The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby

Hey there!
Sorry about the lousy updating the last couple of days. I've been busy trying to keep my body awake.
Anyway. Thunder outside .... I got soaking wet on my way home from work today. But I enjoyed it. It's extremely hot today ... Needed a cooler.
No fika today :O - Fabien forgot all about that I suppose. Well, well. Better luck next week :P
Tiger's been tossing around all day, playing with his little rat, rolling around, packing himself into the carpet on the floor .... Just finished his after-dinner - leftovers from my plate - and is on his way into a comatic power-nap.
7 working days left and I will be O.V. Look sooo much forward to it. It's almost making me speechless!

Now - music, a cig and a nice, tasty cup of coffee to escape reality.

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Jacob said...

Your "reality" sounds like kind of a bummer today. I can understand how much you anticipate a vacation. We need them desperately.

You're going to love retirement! Even though we are still quite busy, it's entirely different, partly, I suppose, because we're doing things that we want to do rather than have to do (mostly!)...

Hope you have a good night and a better day tomorrow.