Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep

It's after midnight, and the only sounds heard are the waves coming in from the sea just behind the sandbanks. Almost like a lullaby for my thoughts and my soul .... Throughout the year I long for that sound. I always loved the sea.
Emily and Fredrik's trip home from Metaltown was surrealistic and a bit scary. The first accident happened as they were leaving the camping. - As I mentioned the rain was heavy yesterday, and of course one of the windshield wipers on the car gave up and broke off, and they spent quite some time trying to repair it. When that was finally fixed, they hit the road, heading towards home. From Gothenburg and home takes around 7 hours if the weather conditions are excellent, but in a rain storm, it takes a lot longer of course. Around midnight it was pitch dark, and all of a sudden they spot blue lights in the rearview mirror. So they pull over, wondering what the problem can be. The backlights are not working. That's really dangerous, in particular in the dark. They stood there on a dark highway 2 hours drive from home, in a rainstorm, trying to get the damn lights to work. At 1 am they gave up and called Fredrik's dad who got out of his bed and stumbled into his car to drive the 90 kilometres to come to their rescue. Eventually they managed to get one of the lamps to function again and headed home, cold, wet and hungry. Arrived safely at 5.30 am. Poor kids! I'm glad they kept their cool and didn't panic, and I am so glad that Bengt is a man of honour.

This post turned out to be a bit scary. Sorry. Just needed to get it out of my system.

Remember Hamlet? - He who said "to be or not to be..." and "... there's something rotten in Denmark"? - Yes, that's right - Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. He lived in Helsingør (Elsinor) and 'Kronborg' was his home ....

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

Good to here that it turned out all right for Emily and Frederik after all.