My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain

Rain, rain. How I love the sound of summer rain falling down, hitting the pavement. My ears hear music. Every morning I pass by a garden. There's a lilac bush planted along the sidewalk and a bed of nettles. The combined fragance of lilac and nettles are fabulous. The rain seems to make the fragance even stronger. Love it!
New day and new hair. I have the best hairdresser there is and always leave it entirely up to her to decide which style to present for the next 6 weeks. - Did you notice how much information I gave you in those 2 sentences?!?
4 steps from vacation. I think I'm able to walk those steps without any hesitation :P
I didn't speak a work about Tiger for the past days - as if I forgot all about him. Don't worry. Tiger's fine ... enjoying life, counting the days to his vaction starts as well xD
This grey day calls for a sunny picture, don't you agree?!? - so I decided to show a couple of more pictures from Orbaden. All pictures are available if you click on the folder 'Countryside Tripping'.
Today is Fabiens fika day. Bo was supposed to go hammering on his door yesterday and remind him. I wonder how successfull he's been :P - We'll see, if the absent-minded Frenchman actually remembers to bring in the goodies ...

Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

Oh, boy, I like the place picture in these photos! A wonderful retreat from the pressures of life!

We had rain yesterday. At the house, no rain when we started out on a trip to the store. Two miles away, it was raining "cats & dogs" as they say. Two more miles, no rain.

Coming home, we ran into a huge storm in which we could barely see. Two miles later, at home, no rain!

Typical of Florida weather.

Hope you're having a great day. Must take the car in to "service," and then it's to the bagel shop.