Into each life some rain must fall

.... Which is true - but it feels kinda heavy these days :( - But nevermind - 3 steps from vacation and when thinking about it, I hear the orcestra playing happy tunes from the destance xD
Stumbled over a very interesting article yesterday in the local paper (yes, occasionally they do bring interesting articles there :P) about Madagascar. Since 1999, 600 new species have been discovered in the forests of Madagascar. One of the 'new' species is this little fellow - the tiniest lemur there is. He's only 9 cm and weighs just a few kilograms.
These unique creatures are unfurtunately threatened with extinction. One of the reasons is of course our exploitation of the rainforest - the home of these primates.

More about lemurs at Wikipedia.
I decided to leave later this morning than I usually do ... I'm simply making a point. Nothing more - nothing less. And anyway - most likely I'll be working late, so putting myself on energy save mode as long as I can :P

Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

Hi Charlotte - I wrote a rather long comment this morning but Blogger ate it!

I'm trying again but of course you are no doubt sleeping at the moment...hopefully Tiger is not still running about - especially on your bed!

May you have sunny weather and a beautiful day tomorrow!