In retrospect I would say from Donald Duck I have learned more about life than from all the schools I ever attended

Skipped the dinner cooking and went out for a meal. Afterwards cappucino and irish coffee at the ice cream café. I like the idea of a mixed menu - something for the kids and something for the kids :P - and everything has a nice equal price. 25 is the number. Easy to remember even for a kid.

I usualy don't secretly photograph people, but this family was concentrating 100% on their little puppy dog. They fed him with a fork, and he sure knew how to beg. He behaved like a kid. Cute xD

Next time I order a meal at this place, I'll remember to ask for the kid's menu. OMG! So much food, that I had to leave half the content on the plate. I'm full to my ears - I promise. Without expressing any kind of prejudices, this place is popular among Germans, and they are big eaters :D

So the rest of the evening will be spent on less than nothing. I'm considering a small walk to the beach before tugging in. Mainly because my stomach is so full that I won't be able to fall asleep. A glass of Fernet Branca might have helped .... In absence of this, a walk might do the trick .....

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