I feel like a candy wrapper caught in an updraft!

Think my blog yesterday morning ended up in a mess. I'm not sure if you were actually able to see the pictures. I suppose Blogger had some sort of heatstroke and swalloved my pics. - Nevermind. A new day is here and TGIF!
Tonight we'll be celebrating Erika (f.y.i: Erika is Fredriks younger sister) who finalizes high school. Look forward to be there and to see her happy face after all these intense years in school. I wish her all the best in life. - Which reminds me btw - remember the camera!!!!
The heat volume is still set on max. I'd like to leave this sauna :O
Work is the never ending story. Kim and Fabien are sick (Kim went down with a serious stomach infection - feel sorry for him. Yesterday was his birthday. What a crappy way to celebrate it)
Apart from that I'm partying on strawberries. I cannot get enough. This really is my favorite .... Yummi!

I'm somewhere in there - wrapped up xD

Time for the daily races. I apologize in advance for the crappy delivery on this blog today. Hope you forgive me. It's all in a good cause xD

Goo-hood Morning!

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