I failed to make the chess team because of my height

This heat is killing me! The first thing I do is take a shower - 10 minuttes later I'm ready for a new shower. This whole place feels like a sauna. I find it difficult to sleep when it's this hot. I like summer, but Dear Heater! Would you mind turning down the volume just a little bit?
Anyway - Good Early Morning! 6 steps away from work-free joy. Counting down.
I know the above was shown in a previous post. I wasn't really satisfied with the result then, so I re-did the photo. What I want to show you is the lake, which you get a better glimpse of now. A walk around the lake will take you an hour. A nice exercise if you're in to that :P - The picture was taken from my balcony.

And here she is - my little princess Emily - behind the steering wheel, exercising her driving skills. She's a bit taller than me ... but still - cushions were made to sit at xD
Right .. Cannot postpone the inevitable ... So I'll just jump right out into reality with an open mind and happy mood.

Good Morning!

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1 comment:

Jacob said...

I failed to make the scrabble team because I was too thin.

Sorry, Charlotte, but I'm not getting any photos on this post...Blogger probably screwed up again.

Don't you have air-conditioning in Sweden? You probably should move to Florida where it is hot right now but nice and cool inside!

Things are getting better, I think. Thank you for caring!