Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party

Good Noon and Happy Sunday!
Woke up to another beautiful day. The winds have subsided dramatically since yesterday evening.
Got home shortly after midnight from the dinnerparty with the Team. Alas Kim was absent ... he's still suffering from a nasty stomach infection that's floating around here. Hope he's back on his feet again tomorrow.
The rest of us enjoyed some pretty good food and drinks ... My favorite, irish coffee on the table .. Yummi!!!!!

Had difficulties falling asleep, so I noticed that we've now entered the season where the dark never hits the night. It's amazing. At 1:30 the seagulls were up, gliding around, and I could see the shimmering light through the blinders .....
Now over to breakfast and ... Oh, yes, that's right .. I might have to run over the house with the dust-buster ... Grrrrrr

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