Happiness depends upon ourselves

....or something like that ......

A bit quiet day .... Cloudy but warm. Thunderstorm on it's way. Waiting .....
Meanwhile checking the news about Greece. I don't understand what the fuzz is all about. The Greek voters have elected their irresponsible politicians themselves. As long as everything went well, the voters continued to elect the same irresponsible politicians while enjoying the good life. Now there's a bill that has to be paid. Which is quite right. You really can't expect the outside world to pay for your party!!!!!
So stop yealling, break down and move on my dears!
No plans for the evening .... except for a short walk to the beach. I'm soooo lazy these days .... Feel great being that. I've got all the time in the world. .... Though missing Tiger. I'm gonna get him a vet certificate and bring him with me on future vacations. I'm sure he misses me too :P

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