Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward

... Hm .. Yeah, I felt that :P
Spent some time solving husband's email problems yesterday. I sent him an email that he didn't receive. Why? Because something messed up his mail account.
Did what I'm trained to do: Collected information about error codes etc., googled and Abracadabra! Issue found on Microsoft's homepage. Another doubble click and solution found and problem solved. - I might not be the most technical skilled lady in this universe, but knowing how to knowledge search is damn practical :D
- Man is a funny creature. We are so very different. Our perception of 'time' for instans. - "You wasted 30 minutes of my time with your highly irrelevant questioning" someone says .... While my time-counter on the screen is just passing 12 minutes .... And how do you interpret this funny little word 'irrelevant'? I mean - it depends which side you're on, doesn't it ?!?
I'm pro-irrelevance. I like strawberries. They're full of sweet and sugar. They make me happy. I babble. Am I irrelevant?
I think the sun is shining today. Packed my things and on my way. Tiger overslept - again - for the 2nd time this week. Highly unusual ......

Enjoy your day!
Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

I want some of that strawberry thingamajiggy, whatever it is! That would help get me started this morning!

You sound like a computer wizard. I'm going to come to you if I have a problem. OK?

Where are you going on your vacation? Don't leave Tiger at home sleeping!

And hope you're having a wonderful day today!