Deal with the Devil if the Devil has a constituency - and don't complain about the heat

Went to the Red Cross secondhand shop basicly because I need a creamer. Someone removed the one that used to be here. Anyway - did not find any creamer, but a nice skirt and a sweater for which i paid the ridicilous sum of 45 Danish kroner

Heat stricked us today. Sunshine and shinging birds outside my window.
On our way back from town, we drove through Blåbjerg Forest (Bluehill Forest) and I persuaded husband to stop for a quick photoshoot. This area is full of rare plants and flowers - and beech trees of course in blooming green rising high above our heads

In a little while time for afternnoon cappuccino and a chat with Ella and J.P. - Got Ben and Jerry's with chocolate fudge in the freezer and freshly picked strawberries ..... Yummi!

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