Can we go home? All this fresh air is making my hair move and I don't know how long I can complain

Oj! I do believe it's morning!
It's Wednesday, isn't it? - Yes. That's right. Well, well. At least we're only 2 steps away from weekend. That's nice.
The heat is not on today. I suppose I have to wear a jacket this morning after all. Damn it!xD
We've decided to leave one day later than planned next week. Tiger's gonna stay with Emily and Fredrik, but they won't return from Metaltown untill Sunday evening, and I don't want my little prince to be all by himself for too many hours, so we postponed the time of departure. I'm happy with that. - Actually would have preferred to bring him with me, but that's not an option this year, unfortunately. Hope I won't miss him too much :(
Breaktfast and lunchbox ready .... I look forward to this, which I'm gonna make for myself tonight-:)

Well, well! Time to take the first step into the real world for the first time today ... Just to check, if it's possible to breathe :P *Sigh*!!!
 - Let's do it!

Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

Vacation time will soon be here! Not to worry.

I don't think Tiger would like the heat in Florida, although in our air conditioned house he would be just fine.

We were doing better yesterday; today is another bummer - sadness prevails. I wonder if it will ever go away...

Hope you are having a good evening and that tomorrow is a wonderful day!