Beer, beer, beer, bed, bed, bed

Good Noon!
Sorry the lack of updates yesterday. I came home around 11 and just sat and enjoyed the white night at the balcony

The moon is amazing. I spotted it some time after 1 am, and it was glowing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good shot of it, but tonight I plan to be patient and just focus ....
Erika's party yesterday was great. Good food and good company, and the weather was fantastic. Lena and Bengt (Fredrik's mom and dad) bought a new property last year in a spectacular, scenic area; home for wolfs and bears.
A couple of weeks ago, one female bear turned up in their backyard. Lena fetched her camera to get it documented - Bengt his shotgun :D - Anyway - no bears yesterday though ... too much noise I guess :P

Erika watering the horses

 Erika, leading us on track. Emily doesn't agree ... Oh, and my shadow was there too .P

Admiring the pond. Chat-chat 


More traditions

...and more 

I want to tramp too ... Grrrrr

Erika's exercising

The moon

Can we play football?!?

Nice and shady 

Emily and husband

Fredrik doesn't know what to think ...

Lena and Catharina chatting with Lily

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Jacob said...

So glad your pictures are up again. This is a fabulous place! Again, it reminds me a lot of Minnesota where so many Swedes settled in the 19th century!

You must have had a wonderful time!

Sorry you don't have a/c in your houses...what about installing a window unit - that could be done, right? If you have heat for the cold you ought to have cool for the heat! :-)

Hope your weekend is moving along splendidly!