Are you hugging the TV?

Hi there!
How's your Sunday?
Mine's been pretty good.
Been out on a little trip with the camera this afternoon. We ended up in a very nice place by the river Ljusnan and had fika in the small community Orrbaden. A bit windy, but warm and on and off sun.

Mm .. fika! Yummi!

This used to be an railway station, now only freight trains and highspeed trains passes by.

The old station building has transformed into a residential house

Just checked up on the news from Syria and Yemen. What happens there is a great concern. I watched an interview with a young woman from Yemen who has received threats for her blogging and for her engagement in the struggle for democracy in her country. One of the things she talked about was a blogpost she posted, where she showed a picture of her an 2 other girls visited a cafeteria for a cup of tea. She'd never been to a cafeteria before, but she'd passed this cafeteria many, many times, and dreamt about how she wanted to go in there, sit down and drink a cup of tea. Now going to a cafeteria apparently isn't 'normal' behaviour for a woman to do in Yemen, so this young woman had received tons of comments, accusing her of being un-islamic. The problem is - she's not against islam. She just wanted to drink a cup of tea in a cafeteria.
In our culture, women has been able to go to cafeterias or cafés for ages, and in my mind, it's highly innocent to drink a cup of tea. But from this young womans story I understand, that in other parts of this world women has very few rights, so I see this desire for democracy that's sweeping over the Middle East at the moment as a need to gain not just the right to elect the leaders of the countries, but for women in particular also the right to do normal things, such as drinking a cup of tea in a cafeteria .......

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