Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out

Hey there!
Sorry, sorry! ... Missed my early morning update today. Was out of inspiration. .....
VACATION is here!!!!! I cannot express in words, how wonderful that feels!
I thought this day would be hard to get through - but it wasn't. I worked like a horse and actually managed to get most of everything done in time ... Worked between 7:15 am and 5.45 pm almost non-stop. Just 2 short breaks and a very short lunch ... Now I can relax.

Looking forward to spend some time with Ella and J.P. And to walk on the beach, feeling the salty water wash over my feet. To hear the seagulls scream and taste the salt on my tongue. It may rain for 3 weeks ! I couldn't care less.
Emily and Fredrik are in Gothenburg at Metaltown. I hope they enjoy every second of it.
I'm enjoying coffee and chocolate. - Celebrated this wonderful day with a plate filled with dark, tasty plums and sweet strawberries. Yummi!

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Jacob said...

Congratulations...are you going to be "out of pocket" for a time? I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of your vacation!

So, if I have a problem with a printer, I can bring it to you and you will solve it promptly. Right?

And Tiger may be part alley-cat, considering his extra energy when the sun comes down!