Am I a fool? I don't think I'm a fool. But I think I sure was fooled

Hey there! And Good Morning!
Because it is a holiday in Denmark today, I'm off duty :P Nice!!!!
Which is why I'm posting this later than I usually would do on a Monday.
My dad was hospitalized again yesterday. Problems with his lungs. The heat is causing him difficulties in breathing. He expects to get out of there again by tomorrow. Hope he's right.
In my previous post, I wrote about a young female blogger from Yemen facing problems because of her writing.
Yesterday evening I spotted an article in the Danish newspaper Information about a Syrian female gay blogger, Amina, who was feared to have been kidnapped. The blogger Liz Henry raised doubts about Amina's existence in her blogpost Painful doubts about Amina, and yesterday there was an update on 'Aminas' blogpage, which apart from an apology also includes an information that proved Liz Henry to be right. The blog was a hoax, written by Tom MacMaster and Britta Froelicher, who don't seem to understand what sort of damage they made by taking such a serious matter as minorities rights in a closed country like Syria, pretending it to be real, when it was in fact pure fiction.
There are people who make a living of being strictly fictional - Marilyn Manson is that sort of artist, or magician if you like - but they never claim to be for real. Apart from this, Manson has always been very clear in his messages: Don't believe everything you read, see or hear.
However in 'Aminas' case, lots of people truely believed in her existence, and lots of people offered their sympathy, while the real writers took the scam to the edge. The problem with this is, that next time a blogger with a story comes around, the risk is that the blogger's credibility will be questioned and perhaps rejected as scam - even if it is in fact the awful truth.

And now over to coffee and something sweet to brighten up my day

Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

Fakery can create a lot of trouble. We have something I call FAUX News (Fox News) which consistently falsifies stories and actually fakes videos to promote its ultra-conservative stance on everything.

Golf was good. Sorry to hear about your dad...that's not good. It must be very warm there.

Enjoy your day off!