Actually I don't remember being born. It must have happened during one of my black outs

Uh .. uh ... Good Morning!
Which day is it? - Yeah, that's right ... Monday. Off to work in a little while. But Hey! I've got 9 working days left before wawing bye-bye, setting off to celebrate my vacation!!!! Looking forward to that. And 9 days is not a life-time. It's almost as fast as the speed of a Garfield lightning :D
A-N-Y-W-A-Y - I'll be spending the day with the best team there is and hopefully we're gonna have lots of laughs.
Play around with the Fool is fun. Making some minor mistakes, but some of the pictures are reasonably okay. I've got this jasmine that's just growing and growing. It's got these waxy, delicate pink flowers hanging down like small bells. Beautiful flower in all its chaotic jumble.

Love the color of the pansies ... The purple-blue color of the leafs and the bright, yellow click in the middle, leading the thoughts to the sun
And Tiger of course. Now he's always a winner. I bet he's the most photographed kitten in the whole wide world ...... The color from his ear-tatoo refuses to vanish, but nevermind - it matches the color of his eyes :P
Yesterday he slept most of the day. He's not that eager to play these days. It could be the heat - or the fact that he's still under the influence of the unpleasant surgery. I prefer the heat to be the cause of his lethargy. It's getting on my nerves as well.
I'm wearing my coral-colored dress today. Feels cosy. Not sure if it looks good on me, but that's simply a matter that I refuse to care about today. Long live the independent womans right to wear what she feels good in. - Be yourself, all the others already been taken.

Good Morning!

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Jacob said...

It's not cute when a cat gets cut, so Tiger is probably experiencing some after affects of that along with the heat...I know I'd be napping long and hard if I were he!

Thanks again, Charlotte, for you concern. We're doing better today, I think. And I know so many other people have been through this, too, and broken hearts can mend (mostly) in time...

Anyway it's so nice to know people who care...