Work's a weird thing. I'm not sure it works

Hey there!
How are you?
Who, me? - I'm good!
Been there, done that ... Loooong day! Though it was nice to be in an environment where I at least am permitted to finalize a sentence before being cut off :P
Kitchen looks cool now. All dishes done. Yeah, yeah, I ought to get a dishwasher. .. On the other hand, what's the purpose?
- I'm not lazy - just have other priorities.
Got this new fragance from Spain. It's a Beckham though not moldy.

Saw that Kirsten Dunst won Best Actress for 'Melancholia' in Cannes ... Congrats! - No matter what people say, I like Lars von Trier. His Danish sarcasm probably isn't politically correct, but when he said that porn might not be one of K.D's core competences, I couldn't stop laughing.
Got a huge sack full of books from my mother. Intend to go through them all to pick what is of interest to me. The rest goes to Emily.

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