We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves

Good Morning!
Watch out! It's FRIDAY!!!!!
It's also T.V. Day. Stands for Tiger to the Vet Day. Poor little thing  ಥ_ಥ  
He's been on a non-food diet since midnight, and that ain't fun for him.

Hopefully he'll forget all about this miss-treat as soon as it's over and he's back safe in his little bed.

Wednesday was the worst day of my week. I have such high demands and expectations to myself when it comes to work, that it sometimes hits me like a boomerang. I always want to do everything right and not skip anything - even when it's impossible for me to fullfill all obligations simply because of lack of time. So at some point my boss tried to tell me, that skipping lunch and breaks is a terrible idea. Which is true. Nevertheless, I heard myself say "you know, actually, if I can't fix it, I might as well look for another job", which is totally bullshit. You cannot work for 3 or 4, and if you ignore logic and do it anyway - don't blame anyone else but yourself!
Anyway, I had a chat with myself, and decided to give it up and accept that I cannot change things that are out of my control. And after all - martyrs do not fit into the real world.

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